Aged to perfection: Exploring the unique charm of reclaimed terracotta tiles
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On September 29, 2023

In the world of interior design, where sleek modernity often takes centre stage, there’s a growing appreciation for the beauty of imperfection, the allure of history, and the sustainability of repurposed materials. This is where reclaimed terracotta tiles find their niche, offering a distinctive charm that modern alternatives simply cannot replicate. This can be one of the key reasons why terracotta is becoming one of the most popular options for a beautiful home floor, and they are only going to become more and more popular as they are found in more homes.  

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the fascinating world of reclaimed terracotta tiles, uncovering their unique characteristics and the captivating charm they bring to interior spaces.

If you are looking for terracotta tiles for your interior, there are various ways they can be placed, from brick pavers to parquet tiles, and squares.  

The story behind reclaimed terracotta tiles

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At the heart of every reclaimed terracotta tile lies a story that dates back generations. These tiles are not just products; they are fragments of history, each with its own tale to tell. Originally used in historical buildings, old farmhouses, and charming European villas, reclaimed terracotta tiles have stood the test of time. Their weathered surfaces bear witness to the footsteps of those who walked on them, making them a tangible connection to the past. These unique attributes will be enjoyed for many years to come by those who are lucky enough to experience them.

The beauty of ageing

One of the most alluring features of reclaimed terracotta tiles is the patina they acquire over time. The gradual wear and exposure to the elements imbue them with a character that can’t be replicated artificially. Common colours found in our reclaimed terracotta tiles are often muted warm tones and can range from yellow to red, with a wide range of pink hues between the extremes.

The soft, muted colours and subtle variations in texture create a sense of warmth and depth that modern tiles often lack. This natural patina adds a layer of authenticity to any space, infusing it with a feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

Imperfections as artistry

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In a world obsessed with perfection, reclaimed terracotta tiles celebrate the beauty of imperfection. Their irregular edges, cracks, and variations in shape and size tell a story of craftsmanship that predates mass production. These imperfections are not flaws but rather marks of the artisanal touch that went into their creation. These beautiful imperfections will be different across all individual terracotta tiles and can be enjoyed by many for years to come. 

Versatility in design

While reclaimed terracotta tiles might evoke images of rustic cottages and traditional interiors, their versatility extends far beyond that. These tiles can effortlessly blend into a variety of design styles, from Mediterranean and farmhouse to contemporary and eclectic. Whether used as a bathroom accent or a statement floor in a living room, reclaimed terracotta tiles lend a touch of character and history to any setting.

Terracotta tiles are also very durable, meaning they can be suitable for any hard-wearing floor such as a kitchen or bathroom. As you can see above, they look beautiful with a modern looking kitchen. They are also resistant to mould and mildew. 

Many colours can complement terracotta tiles

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The soft and muted colours found in terracotta tiles also mean they can be paired with many different colours in a room. For example, terracotta works well with many muted shades of white, cream, red, and mustard. Terracotta tiles also pair really nicely with timber furniture. 

Embracing sustainability 

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and historical significance, reclaimed terracotta tiles are also champions of sustainability. Choosing these tiles for your interior not only adds character to your space but also contributes to the reduction of environmental impact. By repurposing tiles that would otherwise have been discarded, you play a part in the conservation of resources and the reduction of waste in the construction industry. Moreover, the production of new terracotta tiles often involves high-energy consumption and emissions. In contrast, reclaimed terracotta tiles require no new resources or energy-intensive manufacturing processes. This eco-friendly aspect aligns perfectly with the growing trend of environmentally conscious interior design. So, when you opt for reclaimed terracotta tiles, you’re not just enhancing your home; you’re also making a responsible choice that benefits the planet. 

Unleash your creativity 

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Reclaimed terracotta tiles open up a world of creative possibilities for interior designers and homeowners alike. Their rich history, warm hues, and textural variations provide a versatile canvas upon which you can experiment with different design elements. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy, rustic ambiance, a sophisticated Mediterranean flair, or a contemporary fusion of styles, reclaimed terracotta tiles adapt and transform to suit your vision. Consider mixing and matching various tile sizes, arranging them in intricate patterns, or combining them with other materials like wood or stone for a unique look. The imperfections in these tiles only add to their artistic value, allowing you to craft a space that reflects your personality and preferences. So, as you embark on your interior design journey, remember that reclaimed terracotta tiles are not just relics of the past; they’re a medium for your creative expression, offering endless design possibilities that stand the test of time.


Reclaimed terracotta tiles are more than just design elements; they are storytellers, artists, and sustainable choices rolled into one. Their unique charm lies in their ability to transport us to a different time, to celebrate the imperfect, and to embrace the beauty of natural ageing. As you consider your next interior design project, think beyond the modern and explore the captivating world of reclaimed terracotta tiles – aged to perfection and ready to infuse your space with history and character.

We hope this article has helped you understand the unique charm of reclaimed Terracotta tiles. 

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