Flexsteel Recliner Problems: A Comprehensive Guide
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On January 31, 2022

Do you own a Flexsteel recliner? If so, you may have experienced some problems with it. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the most common Flexsteel recliner problems and how to solve them. We will also provide tips on how to properly care for your Flexsteel recliner so that you can avoid these problems in the future.

One of the most common Flexsteel recliner problems is that it can be difficult to recline especially when it is used by heavy person. If you are having this problem with recliner for heavy person, try gently pushing down on the back of the chair while reclining. This should help to release the locking mechanism.

Electrical Problems

Flexsteel Recliner Problems

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You will need to check your electrical outlets first before getting into technical fixes. Sometimes, you may notice that the recliner is not functioning properly which can be caused by an outlet problem or some other kind of malfunction with this device itself.

You’ll need a voltmeter and the main plug from inside of the recliner. Take the voltmeter probes and touch each probe to a terminal on the plug. If you’re getting 120 volts or greater, then the outlet is probably okay. If not, there’s your problem right there – an inadequate outlet.

Solution 1

You can try to use an extension cord that is properly grounded or have an electrician install a new outlet specifically for your Flexsteel recliner.

Solution 2

You can easily check your outlets by connecting lamps to them. If the bulb doesn’t light up correctly, then you know there’s a problem with either what is being plugged into that socket or perhaps even how old they are! You may want to get yourself a voltmeter instead – this will allow accurate readings so please do not try replacing anything without first making sure everything works properly again using these devices.

How to Fix Flexsteel Recliner Control Mechanism?

Flexsteel Recliner Problems

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If the power button of your recliner doesn’t work, it’s probably been banged or something heavy has been put on top of it.

The recliner will not power on or off when it is in the “Off” position. When you push down on the button hard enough, there should be resistance.

Unplugging and reconnecting the recliner is one of the most effective methods to make sure this repair takes hold.

If the power button was flickering on and off before your issue developed, it’s possible that one of the circuit boards is shorted out or destroyed beyond repair. This will need to be addressed by a professional however, many furniture companies provide in-home repair services.

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Steps on Resetting a Flexsteel Recliner Control

Step One

Remove any cords from the outlet, if applicable. Unplug or turn off the power. If necessary, remove any electrical connections from the outlet.

Step Two

Pull the recliner arm lever away from its current position until it clicks back into place.

Step Three

Attach a power cable from your plug-in power adaptor or turn on the breaker switch. Relax and enjoy your Flexsteel recliner!

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What is Recliner Stopped Working?

Flexsteel Recliner Problems

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The Flexsteel recliner is controlled by wires in its mechanism. When moving around or sitting on your couch, the connection may become loose. Here are two wires that are linked. One of them provides current straight from your outlet and is then carried over to your motor via the next wire. If these connections are disconnected, your equipment will stop operating.

These come off fairly often, so there’s no need to be concerned about it. You may simply flip over your recliner or move it from the wall to get at the connection.

Finding these might be difficult at times. As a result, it is advised that you utilize a torch to light up the interior connection of your furniture. You may then follow the wiring to discover where it has come loose.

Easily reconnect them and ensure that they are firmly connected. If there is no wobble in them, your recliner should once again function properly. Keep in mind that removing the cable from your main outlet beforehand is also necessary.

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If you’re having trouble finding your wires, keep in mind that Flexsteel makes a variety of recliners. Their wiring may vary somewhat from one another. This is why you should seek advice from the manual. It contains detailed instructions on where to locate these items for the process to be easier for you. You may also get a digital copy of the handbook by searching for your specific model online. This is so you won’t lose the original manual if it gets lost or destroyed.


Flexsteel Recliner Problems

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If Flexsteel recliner problems persist, please consult your furniture dealer or Flexsteel customer service. You may also find more information on Flexsteel‘s website. Thanks for reading!

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