Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design Considerations
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On January 29, 2022

The commercial greenhouse construction process for cannibus growers aims to build an environment that increases cannabis crop yield by optimizing temperature, humidity, and lighting levels. This controlled environment makes growing cannabis significantly more manageable on a large scale, so that both companies and individuals can get the most out of their grower’s license. Building these spaces requires a significant initial investment, but the profit potential that these plants can offer ultimately makes it an incredible business venture. 

Features of a Greenhouse

Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design


The process of building a greenhouse for growing cannabis plants follows a unique set of design principles that often contrast with more traditional, residential growing spaces. Including the technology, atmosphere controls, and lighting considerations of a cannabis grow room as a part of the greenhouse’s design ensures the quality of your overall yield and makes the entire growing process of growing cannabis significantly easier.  

Adjustable Temperature

Maintaining optimal temperatures within the greenhouse is an essential part of maximizing cannabis yield and preserving the overall health of the plants. If the greenhouse is too warm, the plants will try out significantly faster, altering the amount of water and CO2 required for a successful crop. If the temperature of the greenhouse is too low, you’ll be dealing with similar issues, except that you’re putting the plants at risk of freezing or otherwise slowing growth. 

Temperature controls for your greenhouse are essential components to consider in the construction process. Remember that the lights you’re working with usually generate heat, so you’ll need to have a system that can automatically compensate for changes in temperature resulting from other automated processes. 

Managed Humidity

Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design


Irrigation and water distribution systems are just as essential to successful cannabis growth as automated temperature controls. High levels of humidity can increase the risk and exposure to disease for your plants, which can then slow down growth. Low levels of humidity have a similar effect to high temperatures- they dry out the leaves on the plant and lessen their value for the grower. Greenhouse growers who understand the mechanics of managing humidity levels for cannabis growth can help you find construction materials that make humidity management easy.  

Flexible Lighting Levels

Cannabis, in its vegetative state, requires higher levels of natural light than a majority of other crops- usually between 12 and 18 hours a day, depending on it’s where it’s at in the growth process. In its flowering state, however, cannabis plants typically require blackout darkness for the majority of the day. Light deprivation is something all cannabis growers are familiar with, but not all greenhouses are constructed with blackout curtains in mind. For this reason, you’ll need to consult with your greenhouse construction company to determine how you can integrate the technology necessary for artificial natural lighting and blackout, depending on the season. 

CO2 Production & Generators

Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design


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CO2 generators or liquid CO2 dosage technologies help to accelerate cannabis plant growth, ensuring that the high volume of plants within the greenhouse’s space does not interfere with your plants’ ability to breathe. A professional cannabis greenhouse construction company will integrate CO2 enrichment features into the space, making growing cannabis significantly easier. 

Space for New Growth

When you’re considering designs for a new greenhouse, it’s best to consider the architecture that will support the continued expansion of your growing enterprise rather than the crops you have right now. What are the space considerations necessary for the future? If you’re investing in a new cannabis greenhouse, use the opportunity to remove limitations on your business, so you can continue to scale upwards. 

Costs of Greenhouse Installation

Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design


Building a greenhouse for the purposes of growing cannabis isn’t cheap. You’re essentially constructing a high-tech building in which you need to manufacture natural light, manage humidity and temperature, and create a CO2-rich environment. You’ll also need to pay for professional installation and construction for the project, regardless of its design.  

Building Materials for Cannibus Greenhouses

Insulated metal panels, epoxy flooring, and aluminum irrigation systems are all crucial components to the construction of a high-quality cannabis greenhouse. When you’re considering building materials for your new greenhouse, invest in quality products up front. If you choose the lower quality construction materials, you’ll end up paying it in the end, in the form of repairs and replacements.   

Why Location Matters in Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse design differs significantly depending on the building’s location. If you’re building in Maine, for example, you’ll need to pay particular attention to ensuring that your plants get an adequate level of sunlight. Growing in Southern California, on the other hand, involves completely different concerns that make light deprivation and managing the heat generated from blackout curtains difficult. Consider lighting, temperature swings, natural humidity, precipitation, and soil quality when choosing a location for your cannabis greenhouse. 

Professional Installation for Cannibus Greenhouses 

Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design


Regardless of where you’re building your greenhouse, the design features you want to include, and the building materials you’re planning to work with, you’ll need the assistance of a professional cannabis greenhouse construction company. The right company for your project will help create an interior atmosphere that makes growing these valuable plants easy and efficient. Experienced professionals in this field can also help you learn more about the design considerations that will fit your space and your region so that you can lengthen your growing season and protect your plants from pests and other diseases.  

Conclusion- Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design Considerations

To get started with building a new commercial greenhouse, you’ll need professional installation and construction assistance. A building company that specializes in creating optimal environments for cannabis plants can help make the entire building process streamlined and efficient. You’ll receive professional advice tailored to your local climate and will always have the option to customize your new space with built-in lighting, adjustable humidity levels, and CO2 manufacturing technology.   

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