4 Reasons Your Home Needs a French Drain Installation
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On April 12, 2022

French drain installation effectively reduces water wastage and can be used as an additional source to save water. French drain installation is a pipe that goes underground to a storage area underneath the yard. It is used to store rainwater and excess water while watering the plants so that the water can be reused again.

The wide pipe that goes underground is perforated and covered with stones so that the water doesn’t get contaminated by other objects. This allows water to easily fall into the pipe. The pipe is set at a downward angle; in this way gravity does it work for an easy and quick drain. 

French Drain Installation

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A French drain has no moving parts so it’s less likely for this type of draining system to break down or stop working. When installed by highly qualified skilled landscapers, a French drain can last for many years with little maintenance and cleaning.

We all know fungi growth in the house is extremely dangerous, especially in the basement. For instance, it can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. When water flows into the basement it increases the humidity which is a perfect setting for mold and mildew growth. So how is a French drain installation helpful? Well, its role is to prevent water from entering the house and basement. Flooding of water due to overwatering the lawn or heavy rains may damage the foundation. 

4 Reasons Your Home Needs a French Drain Installation:

1) Reduces moisture surplus:

French Drain Installation

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If your house is built at the bottom or side of a hill, the wisest thing to do is install a French drain. It will keep your home dry and won’t allow excess water to stay on the lawn. Removal of excess moisture will avoid problems of flooding and the mess it can create.

2) Keep the foundation strong:

We all know excess water anywhere on the property can cause considerable damage to the lawn and other parts of the house if left unattended. The foundation is a vital part of the house as it has a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders. Standing water in the yard or lawn will increase the moisture level and soften the soil. This may weaken the strength and stability of the house. French drain installation will make sure excess water is carried away from the lawn or is stored in a place where it can be reused for watering the landscape again. 

3) It is an eco-friendly option:

French Drain Installation

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Nowadays, going green is the new lifestyle. Everyone is playing their part in reversing the effects of damage done to the earth. Water shortage and scarcity is already a major issue in many countries. Unnecessary wastage and overuse of water should be avoided. This is where French drain installation comes in handy. The excess water can be used again to water the plants and yard. 

4) They are unnoticeable:

French drain installation mostly operates underground and therefore goes unnoticed. Once the team of experts is done with the installation, the area of the perforated pipe is covered with gravel and stones to cover the opening. It actually acts as a filter too and makes sure clean water without any soil particles or contaminants reaches the storage area.

Final Words:

French Drain Installation

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French drain manages water at ground level, unlike a gutter that carries away the water causing unnecessary wastage. They are relatively easy to install and require very less maintenance. To avoid damage to the foundation and walls it is better to opt for a French drain installation. It will save water and avoid the sogginess of soil.

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