Eight Things to Consider When Renovating Your Office
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On November 3, 2021

Renovating your office can make a real difference to your business. A more attractive and efficient workspace can boost productivity and morale. But beginning the renovation process can feel overwhelming – there’s a lot to consider. Below, we go through the process of renovating your office step-by-step. 

Have a plan

Renovating Your Office

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The first thing you need is a coherent plan. There are many different aspects involved when renovating an office – if you prepare inefficiently, it can quickly become overwhelming. Just work out your goals for the renovation. If you know exactly what you want from your new office, then it’ll become easier to actualize it. 

For example, you need to plan how you will proceed with the renovation, including the need to hire a contractor, check your office’s existing infrastructure, determine the renovation’s timeline, and your employees’ work setup once the renovation starts. It’s important to include all these things in your plan to ensure the smoother completion of the project. 

But aside from the ones mentioned above, working with some professionals from a reliable moving company may also be necessary. They can assist you and your employees in moving chairs, desks, and equipment to provide room for the renovation to begin. If your office doesn’t have enough space, you can rent a short-term facility from the moving company to house some office properties until the work is completed. 

Hence, if you’re looking for the right people for your needs, you can ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from your loved ones or search the internet. For instance, you can enter Commercial Office Movers In Melbourne or wherever you may be located on the search tab to get a list of potential prospects to choose from. 

Consider layout and design

The layout is more important than ever. The way you structure your office will either encourage collaboration and teamwork or inhibit it. Many modern offices are aligning with this by embracing an open framework with meeting rooms and wide, clear spaces. However, if you need assistance in coming up with some office layout and design ideas, you may consider working with an experienced architect or designer. Given their expertise and skills, they can assess your office and recommend some layouts or designs that may suit your space.

On top of this, you should also choose the right furniture to boost employee morale and fit with the layout you’re planning. The appropriate pieces can easily be sourced from office furniture suppliers.

Have a color scheme

Renovating Your Office

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Your color scheme can make a surprising difference – different colors can encourage different moods. All white offices, for instance, can feel sterile and make employees lose enthusiasm and productivity. On the flipside, blue can be calming, which makes it useful for relaxing rooms where employees might want to wind down. Alternatively, yellow and orangey colors are visually striking and can encourage productivity. Just ensure that your color scheme matches with the mood you’re aiming for in each room. 

Determine your goals and objectives

What do you hope to get out of your new office? Determining these objectives is critical. Look at your business and work out where your office needs to excel. If you welcome lots of visitors, then it’s worth trying to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible: you should aim for quality meeting rooms and easier navigation signs around the office. Alternatively, if you have noisy activities going on, you should look for sound-proof rooms to make the workplace discrete.

Calculate your budget and costs

Renovating Your Office

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Knowing your budget is key. Like other business finances, renovating an office space may require a considerable amount of money. If you’re on a strict budget, you need to work out how much you can spend at the very beginning – exceeding your budget can lead to an unfinished workspace. 

When setting up your budget, consider some important factors, including the square footage, labor required, materials needed, and the hiring fees of architects or designers who will handle the office renovation. 

Be sustainable

The ethos of your company might include a commitment to sustainability. In this situation, you should look to construct an energy-efficient office. This can be achieved with energy-efficient products, solar panels above the building, and lights that automatically switch off when not in use.

Space for business growth

Renovating Your Office

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Consider your company’s trajectory. Is it likely that you’ll be hiring more staff in the future? Plan ahead by ensuring there’s enough space in your office for more people.

Specialized spaces

Is your company in a specialized sector? If so, then it’s worth tailoring the office to ensure that it fits your operations. However, some businesses flexibly move between sectors. Plan ahead and ensure your renovations cover any other industries the business might explore. 

Renovating your office can bring many benefits. But there are plenty of issues to consider before achieving this. Make sure you plan ahead, identify your layout and color scheme, and try and be as sustainable as possible.

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