Furnace Installation: The Process Explained in 5 Easy Steps
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On November 15, 2023

If you need a new furnace, that’s a costly home upgrade. However, it is sometimes a necessary one. If you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter, having a working furnace becomes crucial.

You can look into furnace installation, Weiser, ID residents, and several reputable companies can do it for you. You might wonder what the installation steps are if you get a new furnace for your home. We’ll run through those right now so you will have some idea of what the HVAC company you hire will be doing for you. 

Check the Airflow

Once the old furnace has been removed, the HVAC company will check the airflow as they prepare to install the new one. That involves adjusting the electrical wiring, the flue lining, and the plenum. Doing all of these things is necessary so that all of the components function correctly once you turn your new furnace on for the first time. 

Installing the Transition


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Installing the transition will usually come after the airflow check. This means that the HVAC company workers are making sure there’s a direct path from the plenum into your ductwork. 

This transition is in place to make sure that there’s no excess air leakage when you turn the furnace on, and it starts blowing heated air through the ductwork to get to the various rooms in your house.

Adjusting the Unit


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Once the airflow has been checked and the transition has been installed to make sure no warm air is escaping from the ductwork, the next step is to adjust the new unit to make sure that it is level and plumb. There should also be something installed underneath the new furnace so that it is not sitting directly on the floor. 

This might be a rubber pad, but there are other options as well. The metal furnace components should not be sitting directly on the ground. The metal of the furnace sitting on the ground will suck the moisture out of it. That will cause the metal to rust, and you don’t want that. 

The Sealing and Reconnecting Process


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Once the HVAC company employees have the furnace in place, they will go through the painstaking process of reconnecting all the lines to it and sealing the various elements requiring that. They will probably use a caulking gun they have loaded with a special HVAC caulk. It is made to withstand the pressure that a furnace creates. 

Testing the Unit

Testing the unit comes last. You might also sometimes hear HVAC workers refer to this step as commissioning the unit. This process can take quite a while since several elements are being tested during this step. 

The HVAC workers will test elements like the unit’s static pressure and the CFM, meaning cubic feet per minute of airflow. They will also test what temperature rise rates you’re getting at different stages of furnace power.

Once all that is done, you should be able to enjoy your new furnace for years to come. 

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