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On September 29, 2021

The people are ready for a home upgrade. After looking at the same four walls for so long, wallpapers and new rugs are flying off the shelf. If you’re looking for a new look to your home, you might consider looking further than your local DIY store. A lot of inspiration can be gained from looking at the interior design trends beyond your front door. Take a look at our pics for the best countries to gain your refurb ideas from. 

Marie Kondo condos

Home Improvement Influences

source: cloudfront.net

Asian ideals of interior design have been embraced by the west lately, mainly of minimalism and nature. Both became at the forefront of minds during lockdown when nature was our only means of a fun activity once we’d cleared out the wardrobe again. Minimalism suddenly became very attractive to western homeowners who were drowning in all the same stuff they’d had for years. 

Suddenly shelves were emptied, and plants were bought. Hardy, leafy green plants that could take it if we forgot to water it once or twice were flying off the shelves. 

There are ways you can upgrade your Asian inspired home if you’re in need of a change. Asian interior design focuses on the way a home feels, with nature serving as inspiration for a mood. Add a water feature to create an atmosphere of equilibrium. The sound of flowing water, according to Feng Shui, is both harmonious and positive. Take the minimalism to your walls and furniture, focusing on straight lines and bold, solid colours. Bring nature by focusing on colours like burnt brown, leafy green and fiery orange. 

Singapore’s common luxuries

Home Improvement Influences

source: trendhero.io

Singapore is a tale of two cities, despite being a city-country-island. The glass skyscrapers make for a beautiful skyline that will make your eyes water, but they are scattered amongst ornate houses that look like tiny temples. Elements of Art Deco and traditional Malay design aspects have naturally merged in this tale of two cities, reflecting the country’s booming business and IT industries merged with their identity as a vital part of southern Asia.

Although pricey, apartments in Singapore, like those for rent in Ipoh, often come with service included in the rent and with barbeque areas, gyms, and swimming pools in the building. You can find them by searching “rumah sewa Ipoh”. It’s a luxury most of us can only imagine that is considered common in Singapore, making it an attractive prospect for expats. 

Greek’s godly homes

Home Improvement Influences

source: homesandproperty.co.uk

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The first thing you’ll probably notice when you’re in Greece is just how white everything is. Artists, architecture, and interior designers have all noted the bleaching effect of the sun and its dazzling effect on the country, but it is often offset with a bold blue reflecting the surrounding sea. 

But when you look closer, you’ll probably be struck by the various patterns and textures within Greek homes, and you might even spot a few influences on Western culture. 

Exposed walls for one. The cobbled-together walls are a common addition to homes, giving the room a natural accent wall – and now every New York-style speakeasy has a brick wall. And it’s quickly been embraced in Western homes too. 

Another influence is seen in our sudden obsession with rustic and refurbished furniture. YouTube tutorials are actually teaching people how to make their furniture look older for that rustic aesthetic. 

South American spice

Home Improvement Influences

source: techimage.com

As you would expect from the South American countries, their homes exemplify heat and grandeur. 

If the Greek’s simple white aesthetic or the Asian minimalism didn’t appeal to you, the wild and colourful ideas that make up a Latinx home might be exactly what you’re into. 

Bold primary colours and vivid patterns are key to this aesthetic. Crimson reds meet royal blue with gold and flowers in between. Detailed tiles are a must, as are any form of arches. If you’re not willing to cut one into your foundations either for windows or entryways, you can paint an arch as an accent point. 

Place patterns in any textile you can find: rugs, cushions, etc. and aim for furniture that is solid wood and you’re halfway there.

French, c’est chic

Home Improvement Influences

source: hearstapps.com

The French have led the way in most visual trends: fashion, film, and, yes, interior design. We would be remised to mention the tall ceilings and grand style of Baroque mouldings across the walls that makes us feel like demanding someone to eat cake

The rule of French fashion is effortless, and that can be extended to the interiors too. Simplicity is favoured, as is reusing old furniture and additions. To feel French you should go for bright neutrals and furniture full of character. 

French interior design aims to make small moments big, like soaking in the tub while admiring a chandelier, and honestly, doesn’t that sound appropriate for a culture known for its luxury?

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