Preventive Steps for Home Improvements Services Is on the Rises
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On May 13, 2020

Dealers like John Frentz thought that they would get some months off after temporarily shutting down their hardware stores since the implementation of the nationwide lockdown. After Frentz closed his family hardware store, Frentz and Son’s in Royal Oak, he spent his leisure hours painting his bedroom and did some household tasks like fixed his dysfunctional door.

He also worked on certain projects during this quarantine because doing them on working days would have been difficult for him. So he cleared them out of his way. When things started coming under control, he decided to open his hardware store again and he was surprised to see the change in people’s preferences. He noticed that people have to concentrate on improving their houses. They focused on painting and doing electrical and plumbing works themselves. 

Most of Michigan’s residents are investing their time at home, doing home improvement projects. They are also finding better ways of utilizing their homes other than simply sleeping and eating. Gradually, Michiganders are adapting themselves to healthy ways of relaxing, working, cooking, as said by home improvement professionals. 

The CEO of the home builders association of southeastern Michigan, Michael Stoskopf said that people sleep, eat and work staying in their houses, but this is for the first time they are actually ‘living’ there. They have utilized their homes to not just sleep and eat and have invested their time in enhancing their home quality. 

As people are exploring ways to improve their houses, this has to lead to the rise in home improvement services and demand for home improvement professionals as well. Also, this has increased customers’ visits to hardware stores to buy essentials for conducting do it yourself projects at home. This is good news for the hardware sector because it was closed for the past two months. Of course, dealers had to face a tough time. but now there seems to be a good chance of earning profits.  

From orders getting canceled to receiving new ordersHome Improvement 4

The owner of the handyman connection in Ann Arbor, Joe Cox said that he is getting calls from new clients. Especially, people are asking for repair or replacement services. People are now looking for professionals to start new projects. 

Cox said that now, his store is receiving about 15 to 20 calls from clients every day and he is happy to announce that his business has resumed quite well following the long halt. 

More HeadlinesHome Improvement 1

Businesses have resumed to normal working days, but there is one major change. People now don’t come personally to the store to check the products or to consult with professionals before hiring them for a project. Businesses are conducting digital meetings and conferences of clients and professionals, helping them make online selections and discussions. 

A new way of working

After the pandemic, when workers are entering their client’s houses, they are doing so differently. Some have fixed a QR scan code in the front door of the client’s houses and every employee has to scan and answer six questions related to their health. The homeowner checks each one of the employees to make sure no one is entering with COVID 19 symptoms.

Demand for home improvement will be highHome Improvement 3

Home improvement professionals are expecting this high demand to continue all through the summer. They are happy to see their businesses flourishing after the long halt. 

Even people don’t have much time to take care of their household facilities or ones who are ignorant about home improvement services, are showing interest in enhancing the quality of their homes. Hence home improvement services are trending across countries. If you are looking out for home improvement services, you can consult the professionals at EcoChoice Windows and Doors. They offer quality services to clients and round the clock assistance. 

Aradhna Krishna, a professor of marketing at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, said it makes sense that there’s an increase in home improvement professionals. 

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Aradhna Krishna, a marketing professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of business has provided us with deep insight regarding this matter. She says that people are anxious about the future and being uncertain about future happenings. Hence, they are exploring new things that give them comfort, and home is what strikes us when we think of comfort. 

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