How to Design Dorm Room for Guys
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On July 30, 2019


Boarding life is not easy at all there are no limitation to our complication – homesickness, Managing our class schedule,  making new friends and not to mention managing all other extra curriculum work. And in between all these coming to your dorm room and knowing you are not at home. Dorm room decor should give us a familial feeling. So, here are some dorm room Pinterest ideas for guys of making once dorm more spacious and comfortable. 


Unlike your home dorm room is pretty small hence adjusting everything sometimes seems impossible. So, here are some dorm room ideas for guys to make use of an unused place. 

1. Under the Bed –


In home, this place may or may not come to use but it definitely plays a vital role in our dorm. 

2. Over your bed –

Over Your Bedsource:

Now, you to make use of a place over your bed?  The answer is quite simple actually by making an over bed shelf. 

3. In your closet –

It’s quite important to place in our dorm room for storing things. In order to take full advantage of this storage why not make a few things in it. For example: –

  • Plastic drawer

Plastic drawersource:

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  • Hanging shelf


  • Boot boxes

Boot Boxsource:

  • Double hang closet organiser

Double hang closet organisersource:

  • Double the shelf

Double the Shelfsource:

  • Belt hanger

Belt hangersource:


Making space is not the only important thing getting comfortable is also one of it. So here are some comforting dorm room ideas

  • Guys Shannon strip comforter set – After performing all you task the one thing we really want is a comfortable bed to sleep in and this Shannon strip is going to provide just that. 

Jersey sheet set – Wearing this can make you forget all your problems for a night and sleep comfortably.

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