How to Fix a Leaky Tap?
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On October 25, 2021

Don’t you just hate it when you’re wearing you’ve gotten ready, and you go wash your hands in the sink and *splash*… there’s water all over your face and clothes now.

It’s all because of a leaky tap. Leaking taps are a common household problem one has to deal with every now and then. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, leaky taps can be a real nuisance.

Why Is It Important to Immediately Fix a Leaky Tap?

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When it comes to drainage or water leakage issues, delaying things is always a bad idea. It’s not just water wastage that’s a huge problem. 

Moreover, if your tap is not fixed within 24 hours, the water leakage can cause several other issues, including mould infestation.

Mould spores are most commonly found underneath washbasins and sinks, and a leaky tap can further aggravate your mould infestation.

Therefore, it is essential to fix a broken or leaky tap at the earliest.

How to Fix a Leaky Tap at Home?

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The first thing to do as soon as you come across a leaky tap is to cut off the water supply. This step will help you deal with the faulty tap without any hassle. Moreover, you will also save a lot of water by doing this.

The next step is to remove the knobs and the stem of your tap. Keep a hardware tool kit handy with you as you will need various types of screwdrivers, spanners, etc., to replace the broken tap.

If there is just a faulty part, you do not have to replace the whole tap. Sometimes, it is just a loose washer or O-ring that causes the water leakage. Make sure that you replace them with the right-sized material to avoid any chances of leakage in the future. 

In the end, re-assemble all the parts back just the way they were. Now you can turn on the water supply again to see if the problem has been fixed or not. If not, then it is better to call a professional to do the job.

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Experts like RJ Martindale Plumbers in Bolton are necessary when it comes to plumbing or other related services. You need to schedule an appointment and find out more about what they do to ensure the problem gets addressed promptly.

Apart from this, there is another clever way of dealing with a tap leakage issue. However, this fix may or may not work for everyone, but it is worth a try.

If the water is leaking from the bottom of your tap and it is more of a dripping situation than a constant downpour, using flex tape may easily solve the problem. Heavy-duty flex tape is made of a rubber material that is waterproof and ideal for stopping any sort of water leakage. 

This is a quick fix to a small water leakage issue that you can easily tackle at home all by yourself.

The Bottom Line

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Whether you are trying to do it yourself or reach out to a plumbing expert for help, leaky taps should be fixed right away. Hope the tips mentioned above will help you fix a leaky tap. Good luck!

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