Historic Style: 3 Old Window Ideas for Vintage Homes
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On October 16, 2020

Your historic home is beautiful and full of character. Yet old homes often have all kinds of issues and updating needs.

From restoration to repair or replacement, choosing the right window option for your home is a big decision. If your windows aren’t what you hope for in your home, you have plenty of options like the old window ideas below.

1. Use a Pro

Window Ideas for Vintage Homes

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Unless you have extensive experience with window installation and home repairs, it’s a good idea to hire someone who does. Rather than DIYing your windows and hating the results, it’s better to consider hiring professionals to help with window installation.

Look for professionals who can handle old windows and know the value you place on the historic nature of your home. Authenticity and aesthetic are just as important as energy efficiency and other great properties of new windows.

2. Exchange Windows for Period Replacements

Window Ideas for Vintage Homes

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Talk to a window company that can make custom replacements for your home. If you’re looking for historic-looking windows, then you need to make that very clear.

Work together with the window company to mimic the style of the original windows, with as little variation as possible. While the glass won’t be period, the rest of the style could be, preserving the architectural value of the home.

Before you replace the windows, consider this. Is there any historic organization or preservation committee that has to be consulted? Make sure you get permission for any work you’re doing on the home and don’t start work without the proper permits and paperwork.

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3. Old Window Ideas: Restore the Originals

Historic windows were made to last. Before you decide to ditch them, have them inspected. Are they able to be saved?

Window Ideas for Vintage Homes

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The lumber that was used when your house was built is probably far superior to the lumber that might be used today. Chances are the wood isn’t rotting and the window can be restored by a pro.

Is there paint buildup? If so, your windows may still be restorable. Ask an expert to come by and take a look at the paint, which may be keeping your windows shut. See if they have any ideas about how to restore the windows to their original, historic condition.

Your historic windows may also have missing or cut sash cords. If that’s the case, it’s easy to replace.

The glass in the historic windows is probably harder to break than the modern windows you would have installed instead. Besides argon gas leaks and spring tensioners that wear out, many modern windows have limited warranties. After the 20-year warranty is gone, what happens?

Compare that to the historic windows original to the house: those were meant to last much longer.

Are you worried about energy efficiency? You can add historic storm windows that match the architectural style of the home, lend authenticity, and give you the energy efficiency that’s so important.

Historic Significance

Whether you go with replacing the old windows with period-style new ones or choose to restore the originals, make sure you use a professional to help you get the job done. The old window ideas above will help you make the important decision for your historic home.

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