15 Innovative Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas
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On October 17, 2020


Mix up the stereotypes, stay classy, and create the ideal celebration or theme celebration for Xmas. It is hard to stand out during the holidays because there are several underlying themes and concepts that can make parties and activities fade into each other. Even so, traditional ideas can be translated into wonders with a touch of innovation, and some of these inspiring features can ensure you nail it. 

Palace of the Balloon

Santa’s lighthouse is a typical party element, but you can replicate the results if you don’t enjoy the crowds or hire the real thing! This instance is a fantastic balloon art installation that has everything, including the Xmas tree’s lights to elves, trees, and stunning exteriors.

Baubles from Ads

Let the baubles stand out in office design by using strategic campaign activities. This instance includes memes, so you should incorporate participants’ reward prizes, QR codes, advertised baubles, or endorsed décor to give participants more to gaze at the decoration. 

Santa brownies loaded with strawberries

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

source: florenceroomgroup.com

To tie food into event themes, incorporate different novelty food features to the cuisine. For starters, by adding additional frosting and fruit, these essential brownie snacks are given the Xmas touch, but they certainly fit right in. From Cuisinart to modifications such as this, there are so many options, but these little components can have a considerable influence. The strawberries on the top are looking like the cap of Santa, making children go wow. 

Xmas blocks 

Build customizable décor like a Xmas tree or 2D snowman or anything you want to, according to the theme with the blocks for a creative company concept over the celebrations or a low-key, space-saving option. As an interactive activity, such as a Xmas development contest, you can end up leaving the kits to be built by participants or construct and use them as festive decorations for your event venue.

Xmas runaway

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

source: grandinroad.com

The red carpet in Xmas style incorporates fun patterns such as this candy cane edging that also has strings! This pathway will be an incredible and unique arrival concept or even a flexible waiting line area that is a little more lively for pending visitors. This will blew visitors’ minds, and an attractive runaway gives them feel like they are celebrities walking on the red carpet. 

Icey royal seat

It would be fun to have people interested in more photoshoots like this ice throne, but this basic concept using cut-outs is made more exciting by the combination of lighting and shimmer. Therefore, it is mighty and suitable for any ice king or queen, as it is relatively easy. It is accompanied by the tree and reindeer filled with spark and glitter to give it a little Xmas vibe. 

Room of trees

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

source: walmartimages.com

It may be an elaborate Xmas touch for each table if you’re looking for tall centerpiece suggestions. For a sense of having the world inside, the trees and plants are all white and adorned with garlands and decorations. Traditional greens and reds contrasting tablecloths are there on the table to give it a festive touch. 

Desserts for the centerpiece

Xmas is the festival of sweets and desserts. So, you must adorn the tables with different yet yum sweets. So, you can create a unique centerpiece dessert for other tables. One of the snowmen, another Christmas tree or say reindeer, bells, Santa, and much more to attract the visitors and children. 

Head in the hole

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

source: pinterest.com

A “head in the pit” often embeds a little laughter into the case, and the guests are guaranteed to be a success with these adorable gingerbread men. They could be spread across the location or attached to a complete photo booth by providing photoshoots and contributing to the room’s décor. Some cheerful people would not want to see what a gingerbread guy or woman will look like. There are also other unique ideas for the head in the hole to create the fun corner for photoshoots. 

Distinctive trees 

A tree is necessary for a Christmas celebration, and this is an adequate replacement if you do not want something huge, want to keep things easy, and skip the tacky. These trees are a perfect blend of chicken wire ridges and floral spirals that give a swirling hovering impact from afar. If lit up with string lights by using illumination, they will be specially illuminated. It will surely cherish your lobby or say entrance. 

 Entrance decoration 

Consider dividing the front yard into separate areas, each with its holiday-centric element, to stimulate visual excitement outside your house. This front yard was divided into three regions: the left, middle, yard, and entry. A 10-foot high tree frame produced from recycled barn siding is on the building’s left side. The middle of the yard is lined with an arbor constructed with antique ladders, and the entrance is adorned with numerous recreated items, including garlands and wooden trees.  

Fragrant garland

Even if they don’t instantly remark on the elegance of this garland, your visitors will comment on the lovely scent that works its way from it. It’s made of a mix of cedar and grapevine twigs that are cheap and readily available.

Create the Garland: Pack fresh cedar and grapevine twigs into 12-inch lengths and then use green metal wire to attach it. Continue until you have enough for the doorframe to go through—affix packages of green wire together with an alternating pattern. Use screws or loops that place over the entrance. Add the pine needles and strawberries.

Ice skates 

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

source: pinterest.com

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As if ice skates accentuated with fur were not snowy or elegant enough! They are packed with grassland and completed with a fuzzy pom-pom for a unique “bouquet” in this creative DIY that will leave all your festive hostesses buzzing. Make conditions much more joyous with a few white gold jingle bells or mini decorations.

Customized door letters 

You were looking forward to decorating the entrance door or say window according to the oversized customized theme or letters. It can be Christmas, joy, Santa, Merry Christmas, or anything you want. You can add sparkle with a bit of your creativity like adding some shimmery lights, plants, garlands, etc. 

Porch decoration

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

source: homebnc.com

Here’s a home that blends Christmas colors in a seamless, graceful way that does not disturb their present decoration structure. These citizens used many flowers, a small flower, and other color-coordinated decorations to apply the seasonal colors. This wooden home gives us some 19’s vibes. This elegantly designed home added a spark with the mini items like lanterns, grass, chair, and much more. 


We have mentioned some of the unique yet attractive outside Christmas decoration ideas to make this 2020 Christmas celebration fun and worth remembering. You can take encouragement from any of the images and design yours accordingly. But remember, anything you plan to do with your Christmas celebration or party, note that to build a chic and stylish event, maybe less is enough. Adding a few of the holiday season’s standard components will bring excitement and turn it into a celebration to recall.

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