The Significance of Architectural Lighting for Commercial Buildings
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On April 1, 2021

Many professional architects can achieve an impressive architectural design. A construction team can never start constructing the building without the architect because their responsibility is to ensure building efficiency. They need precise measurements and calculations, or else the entire building will have severe irreversible issues. 

One way architects can make a building appealing is by knowing how to position lightings and fixtures. There’s nothing better than having a beautiful commercial building interior because of proper architectural lighting. But even with the many benefits of architectural lighting, some building owners ignore it because they think it’s a waste of time. You need to know about its benefits to learn its significance and incorporate it with your building.

Benefit 1: It provides an aesthetically pleasing building interior

Architectural Lighting for Commercial Buildings


The main reason you need architectural lighting is that it can help achieve a beautiful interior. Many commercial buildings have appealing walls and flooring, yet the lousy lighting ruins everything. You would not want that happening to your commercial building, so the best choice you have at creating an appealing building interior is through quality architectural lighting. 

You can wow everyone inside your building with architectural lighting. Employees and everybody else can see the technicality and effort you and the construction team made to achieve quality lighting. One thing left is to make sure that you use proper lighting and fixtures that don’t burn out too quickly. Otherwise, everyone will see flickering or worn-out lights that don’t even turn on. 

Benefit 2: Reduce negative environmental impact

Architectural Lighting for Commercial Buildings


There are many ways you can achieve efficient architectural lighting, like utilizing modern fixtures. If your building hasn’t had an update in a long time, you might still find old fluorescent lights in many areas. You should know that outdated light fixtures can negatively impact the environment, so the best course of action is to use environmental-friendly lightings and fixtures. 

You have many lighting types you can choose from, like LEDs. Almost every commercial building you find will have LED lights because of how safe they are for the environment. You can also find that they don’t burn out too quickly than fluorescent lights that won’t even last you for more than a year. If you want to save money and reduce environmental waste, your architectural lighting should include LEDs and other environmentally friendly lights. 

There are even several lighting codes that commercial buildings should follow if they don’t want to suffer hefty penalties, putting a significant dent in the building owner’s overall budget. Some of those codes include environmentally friendly lightings to reduce the number of dangerous and harmful waste. In some cases, they might not get recycled at all, and they would end up in waters, rivers, and areas where people can get health complications if they come into contact with them. 

Benefit #3 Achieve better lighting for people

Architectural Lighting for Commercial Buildings


At some point, you might hear several building employees complaining about your building’s lighting because it doesn’t provide adequate lighting within a specific area. Having inadequate lighting could potentially reduce their work productivity, which no one would want to experience. But when you utilize architectural lighting, you can spread how much the lights would reach the area efficiently. 

It also means that no one would ever have to complain about their desk or workstation being too dark. Everyone can read paper reports clearly, and they don’t have to keep adjusting their computer screen’s brightness all the time. Not having proper lighting inside a workspace can deteriorate a person’s eyes, even if they turn the brightness down. It would be best if you discussed with your architect to let them know which areas you want people to work on and create well-lit areas. 

Benefit #4: Achieve energy-efficiency

Architectural Lighting for Commercial Buildings


Another benefit you can find with proper architectural lighting is that you can reduce energy consumption significantly. Several commercial buildings still use outdated lighting and fixtures, which causes their energy bills to go up. If you don’t want to reduce your energy bills, the best option you have is to let your contractors install the latest energy-efficient lights. 

As mentioned a while ago, LED lights are the best choice for providing adequate lighting and reduced energy consumption. Most of the time, high-quality LED lights would last between 10,000 to 50,000 hours until you need to replace them. You have ten years to use the LED lights until they wear out. Any building owner would want that long lifespan because they can avoid buying expensive commercial building lights. 

Since you now know the significance of architectural lighting, don’t forget to discuss that with your contractors. You’ll have to work closely with them to ensure you can achieve the highest architectural lighting quality. If you want to let technicians work on the lights without creating too much fuss, you should consider installing general-purpose access panels with an access cover. Doing so can let them work the wirings without taking off the entire fixture. 

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