4 Tips To Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Efficiently
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On October 29, 2021

Australia enjoys lovely summers with temperature changes that can rise to the mid-30s. Coming back to a cold, air-conditioned house after being out in the sun the whole day is what we want sometimes.

Besides the bonfires, barbeque, and festivals, cool and conditioned air is usually necessary throughout the summer season! It is that one thing that makes our days a little more bearable. But, like with many wonderful things, there is a drawback. 

Air conditioning accounts for approximately 17% of residential energy costs, rising to 27% in humid areas. Continuous air conditioning use adds a substantial amount to monthly household power costs. It is critical to keep track of the cost of your air conditioner at the start of the season.

The filters and coils of an air conditioner need maintenance regularly to work properly and efficiently. Ignoring necessary maintenance causes a steady degradation in the air conditioner’s performance and increased energy usage.

Below there are some amazing points you must-see for your air conditioner.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioners At Night

Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Efficiently

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Turn on your air conditioners throughout the day and turn them off at night. The logic is straightforward. The nighttime air is naturally cooler, for starters, so switch off the air conditioner and take advantage of the cool air outside. 

Create Evaporative Coolers 

Open doors and windows on all sides of your home to let in the cold breeze from outside and make an evaporative cooling system. 

Cross ventilation is a simple and free cooling technique. Opening a few windows in a house or simply one room aids in the circulation of fresh air. This draws in colder air from outside to replace the heated air inside throughout the night. This procedure can speed up with the aid of fans. 

Moreover, to sleep peacefully, your body does not require your air conditioner to function at the same temperature as it needs during the hours of the day. So, switch off your air conditioner at night, and save electrical energy as well. 

This is especially beneficial for those located in the country’s northern part, in colder areas.

Regular Air Conditioning Repair Services Keep The Cost Down.

Have your air conditioning equipment serviced regularly and have the filter replaced or cleaned to ensure peak performance. Any air conditioning unit with a clogged filter must work harder, which means more electricity and higher energy costs! 

Regular maintenance plans for your heating/cooling system are important for optimum efficiency of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, air conditioner). 

Frequent HVAC maintenance keeps your system operating at optimum efficiency. This might save you a significant amount of money over a long period. On the other side, if you continue to ignore maintenance schedules, things may pile up, making your HVAC work harder and resulting in a high AC cost. However, no ductwork is required in split systems

The right-sizing of the air conditioner for the space also plays an important influence on AC Maintenance in Granbury, TX expenses. A unit that is too small for a room will have to work harder, while a too-large unit will use more energy than is necessary for conditioning the space.

Timer And Thermostats Setting For Air Conditioning Systems

Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Efficiently

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Smart technology has intelligent elements that can substantially aid in energy conservation! Smart air conditioners and smart thermostats, for example, allow you to program your AC or create intelligent triggers to manage the room’s environment. 

When you reach the specified temperature, your air conditioning system turns off, saving you a lot of money. 

As a general rule, you should set the thermostat between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that for every degree of cooling you can go without, you save money on your energy bill. 

In the summer, avoid making it overly chilly. Setting your air conditioner one degree warmer than usual can save you up to 10% on your energy bills. Set the thermostat no lower than 6-8 degrees below the surrounding temperature. For example, if it’s 32 degrees outdoors, aim for 24 or 25 Celcius inside.

When you attach a timer to the air conditioner, you may drastically reduce its power use too. This permits it to turn on and off at predetermined intervals. A button timer can also be installed.

Turn Off The Heat-Generating Devices

Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Efficiently

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All of these household necessities like computers, tv, etc., generate a lot of heat, put pressure on your air conditioner, and make it work harder. Switch them off, and you’ll immediately save money on your air conditioner’s energy usage! The air conditioner will need to work more vigorously to keep the temperature within range. 

What more can you disable? Can you switch off the lights in your apartment’s unoccupied areas? Are you willing to unplug? Is it possible for you to switch off the television or any other devices? These tablets, laptops, and printers produce a lot of heat, which causes your air conditioner to work even harder.

Why just not start cooking meals on the grill outside, or just have a delicious salad that needs no preparation at all? An indoor stove may considerably heat your living area and raise your cooling expenses.

Consider al fresco meal preparation if you wish to reduce your energy usage and air conditioning expenses. In the summer, who doesn’t enjoy a snag or some grilled steaks? And if it helps to keep your house cool, then why not do it?

Some other handy tips to save money!

Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Efficiently

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Maintain your unit regularly and keep the filter clean so that it can operate as effectively as possible.

Invest in a smart air conditioner with an app that allows you remote access. The smart feature will allow you to access your air conditioner remotely, leaving no room for power wastage.

If your air conditioner has an environmental option, use it.

On a hot day, switch on the air conditioning early rather than waiting until your home becomes too hot. It will be difficult for it to work efficiently.

Evenings are often colder; schedule your air conditioning to turn off later in the evening while you sleep.

Keep your home cool and covered so that the air conditioner will not have to work as hard as it has to.

If you have ducted cooling systems, employ zoned cooling to only run a machine in places where people are present. Alternatively, keep doors closed, so air circulates just in areas being utilised, rather than the entire home, most likely half unoccupied.

Using a ceiling fan or a pedestal fan, circulate the air produced by your air conditioner. A ceiling fan effectively moves chilly air throughout the home, while a pedestal fan positioned on the ground is more effective at circulating warm air.


Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Efficiently

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These are some ways with which you can save a lot of money while using an air conditioner. Now stay cool during the heat without worrying too much about power expenses. Now keep the power cost low with the help of these methods.

We hope your bills stay within your budget! It is tough to save much on AC bills during the summer, but these techniques can help you save a large chunk of your bill without sacrificing comfort! Sticking at it for a few months will undoubtedly save you cash on your electricity costs.

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