A MVHR System: An Ecological Heating Solution That Pays Off
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On October 23, 2023

Heating bills aren’t going to get smaller anytime soon. That’s why so many people in the UK are considering alternatives for energy saving purposes. Therefore, it is important to take a look at a MVHR system. Read our article. Learn how to save money and keep warm at the same time.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

What is MVHR? It is a heat recovery ventilation system. It saves the warmth in a building. The technical details are a bit complex, but the results are as simple as a smile. A warm smile, that is. The one people get when they wake up in the morning and feel comfortable in the middle of the winter. Or a Welsh deluge, for example. Or on just any given day in the Scottish Highlands. Jokes aside, though, a mvhr system brings fresh air into a house, retaining most of the energy that has already been used for keeping it cozy.

MVHR System

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The results? Smaller bills. You see, by recovering the heat supply, the system allows a house owner to reduce constant heating that is needed in order to maintain the temperature inside. Usually, when people bring fresh filtered air into the house, it dramatically cools the interior. In winter, that’s a misunderstanding, gently speaking. With a MVHR heat recovery ventilation, however, the new air is automatically warmed by the energy accumulated by the system. Its loss is practically minimal, so there’s no need for building up the warmth all over again. But there are other reasons to install a MVHR system.

Healthy air quality in the house

An MVHR unit cleans the air. It is filtered precisely, so the allergens are kept away from the house. The same can be said about bad smells near the industrial area, for example. High levels of humidity are also under control, which helps with keeping the interiors mold-free. A traditional form of uncontrolled ventilation is less efficient in this regard. In most cases, it doesn’t clean the air at all.

Are MVHR systems eco-friendly?

MVHR System

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Of course. Because heat recovery systems make houses more efficient, less coal needs to be burned. The same principle applies to gas and every other energy source. A building owner doesn’t need to use it that often, so less pollution is released into the air. The reduction is not absolute, mind you. Nevertheless, it is significant enough to actually make a difference in the environment. This is one of the most crucial benefits of MVHR systems. We all can be healthier.

The energy efficiency can be multiplied if combined with solar panels. MVHR ventilation systems need electricity to work, you know. But solar energy can deliver enough power to keep it going even during a cloudy day. Households with roof panels can therefore be even more friendly to the environment and maintain a supply of good indoor air quality at the same time. Sounds like a good idea, right? Because it is.

Good ventilation system for a house

The process of heat recovery system installation is not easy. It demands a lot of attention. Even small buildings require a plan of the endeavor. It needs to be prepared by qualified technicians with the consideration of energy needs, local building regulations, location of an MVHR unit etc. The thing is, there are multiple ways the whole system can be installed. An expert must draw a careful design before any construction workers start to poke around the walls, and poke around they must. All in all, every private MVHR project requires a few people and sometimes even a week of work. Therefore, each installation must be assessed individually.

Recovery ventilation in an office

MVHR System

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The above also applies to office facilities. The bigger the building, the more complicated a MVHR system gets. That impacts the length of the installation processes, so companies interested in the system usually proceed with it during the summer. But that’s not a rule. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consider such a project before the building is raised. The same can be said about a property which is going to be adapted into offices. That can happen with an old factory, for example. Any renovation should include the MVHR systems before it even begins. That’s the best approach if money is a concern. Comfortable working conditions in the office also won’t be compromised this way. An important factor in business performance, is it not?

The costs of a MVHR system installation

It is impossible to determine a universal price. Everything depends on a particular project requirements. The type of the installation matters, property size too. As well as its construction. In some cases, a lot of masonry must be involved in order to continue with the installation. The importance of a proper planning stage and a MVHR design is therefore massive. This is the only way for managers to know the realistic costs of the endeavor. The final amount won’t be small, but you know what? Throughout the years, money saved on energy bills will balance the investment. At some point, it will become free altogether. The mvhr system really pays off.

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