Everything You Need to Know Before Using Emulsion Paint
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On July 11, 2022

If you are planning to paint your house, you are probably looking at quite a few options in terms of paint types and qualities. Now, one of the options that you must come across in the process is an emulsion paint. It is a type of water-based paint that is used in both external and internal building surfaces.

In case of emulsions, water acts as the solvent where the additives, pigments, and binders are diluted as molecules. Common binders used in such paints are epoxies, acrylic resins, and alkyd resins.

With all that being said, here are further details about the benefits of using and the application of emulsion paints.

Benefits of using emulsion paints

Need to Know Before Using Emulsion Paint

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Interior and exterior emulsion paint is in high demand because of the host of benefits associated with it. Here’s outlining a few of such benefits:

  • Emulsion paints will not fade, crack, or dry out under the harsh sun, which makes it a great fit for the exterior.
  • Emulsion paints are also great for the walls and ceilings because it’s easy to apply and has a thicker density. As it is resistant to moisture and humidity, you can also use this paint in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • It tends itself well to a host of application techniques, such as spraying, dipping, flowing, brushing, and rollers
  • Since the surface of the paint is hard, it is easy to clean using just water. Washing the surface with water will not make the colour fade or leave spots on it.
  • It does not let mildew grow on the surface, so the paint does not start looking old too soon.
  • The paint is safe for the health of the residents because it is non-inflammable and less odorous.
  • Emulsion paints have water as the medium to carry the colour pigments. This water tends to evaporate completely when the paint dries. Thus, paints like these do not carry any risk for the pets or people because the only things that reach the air are oxygen and hydrogen.
  • Emulsion paints tend to hold well to all surfaces – even without much pre-treatment.

Thus, the demand for quality emulsion paints in the market can be well-understood.

Application of emulsion paints

Need to Know Before Using Emulsion Paint

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The popularity of emulsion paints also stem from the fact that these are easy to apply and dry out faster than oil based and water based paint. You can use either a roller or a brush to apply the paint. Yes, you can easily apply exterior emulsion paint yourself by reading the instructions given in the brochure. However, it is advisable to go for professional painters because that will make the work be completed faster and with greater precision.

Also, it is advisable to get professional help because emulsion paints can’t be used straight from the bucket. You need to add thinner in it before you apply the paint. In case you don’t put an adequate amount of thinner in the paint, there is a high chance of getting a less-than-perfect finish on the walls.

Emulsion paints can be used on both new and old plastered surfaces. In fact, you will get a good result even when you apply the paint on concrete, glass, wooden furniture, and metal. At the same time, emulsion paints work as well in the interior walls and ceilings as they do on the exterior walls. So, the paint is pretty versatile in its use.

The bottom line

Need to Know Before Using Emulsion Paint

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Now, you know all about the uses and benefits of emulsion paint. As you can well understand, this type of paint has a host of advantages to make it a popular choice among the homeowners. So, go ahead and choose the colours for your home.

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