A Few Practical Tips for Communicating with Master of Repair
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On October 28, 2020

In a condition of chronic repair, I have been for several years. At first, I supervised the repair in my mother’s new apartment. Now it is the turn of my own favorite apartment. I have worked out several rules for myself in communication with repair crews. They help me to avoid many mistakes, save nerves, time, and money.

A building brotherhood is a unique community. The peculiarities of their characteristic behavior gave rise to our society, the lack of consumer culture, and knowledge of their rights. You need to have a truly iron will and angelic patience to clearly and specifically set tasks and skillfully control the result. I share my practical findings with my readers.

Rule 1

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Be sure to make an estimate of repairs. To begin with, it is good to determine what exactly you want in the result. And how much it “want” will cost you. Consult with specialists, go through specialized publications, dig through the Internet, go to the construction stores, collect information about prices. Have you made an estimate? Bravely multiply it by two. This is the same amount of money that will be spent on your repair.

Rule 2

Monitor your bids. Today, repair services are very common. Prices for the same service may vary quite unreasonably. Call several companies. Ask about their rates. Print the average price for each service. This will be your starting point for the contract.

Rule 3

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Be sure to look at the finished works of the master. This will help to see his style, accuracy of execution. It will help you understand how well the qualification matches your requirements.

Rule 4

Invite the team to perform a small test task. For example, laying tiles on hidden surfaces – this will immediately reveal the degree of possession of the object. Test tasks are good when you don’t have a chance to see with your own eyes the previous works of the master. Ask for a test with a repairman at once. In any case, the work will have to be paid for at previously negotiated rates.

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Rule 5

home repair

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Clearly set tasks. If you do not know what you want, and fully give the team to supervise the repair, be prepared for surprises. In such a situation, the shortage of building materials and increase the estimate by several times is the norm.

Rule 6

Pay only for the work done. If it is not possible to draw up a formal contract, be sure to keep a record of expenses.  However, most of the companies like sliding door repair in Sunny Isles work only officially. I had a notebook in which for each type of work the foreman, receiving a pre-agreed amount, put the date, amount and signature.

Rule 7

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Consult with the repair workers. If you are lucky and your favorite home will be decorated by professionals, make them experts. Sincerely talk to them heartily, ask for advice – how to really save, how to create a masterpiece for the same money. Usually people appreciate it very much. Such heart-to-heart conversations allowed me to meet the established estimate, while getting a great result.

Rule 8

Do not flirt with the team, but do not overbend in your dissatisfaction. In the end, it was you who chose them. I discussed the terms at once – no delays and no slippage. For me the repair is always stress. That’s why I immediately outlined the specific terms. I signed a contract with the team. I explained to them my rights and their rights. For each day of delay through their fault, I withdrew a certain amount. That was the discipline of the brigade. Each type of decoration was handed over to me on time.

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