How to Decide Between Shingle Roof Replacement vs. Repair
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On October 28, 2020

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When you live somewhere with severe weather conditions, your roof’s life expectancy is lower. However, even in mild climates, asphalt shingle roofs can only last for so long. If you’re wondering if it’s time for a shingle roof replacement, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll review what type of roofing damage can be repaired, and when it’s time to get a brand new roof.

Don’t wait for the next big storm to find out your roof needs help. Read on to learn all about shingle repairs and replacements.

Is It Time for a Shingle Roof Replacement?

Shingle Roof Replacement


Let’s start by looking at what the signs are when it’s time for a shingle roof replacement. Is your roof over 20 years old? Even if your shingles don’t appear to be damaged, most asphalt shingle roofs aren’t as efficient after the 20-year mark.

Go ahead and double-check how old your roof is today. If it’s getting close to 20 years old, you should consider replacing the entire thing, rather than wasting money on repairs. Keep in mind that depending on where you live, your roof might need to be replaced in as little as 15 years. For instance, if you live somewhere with harsh weather, you may need a replacement sooner than later.

Next, check all of the shingles on your roof for signs of erosion. When roofing shingles are eroding the layer of protective granules will begin to fall off. It’s tricky to see erosion from far away, but you can check for signs by looking for granules in your gutters.

Moving on, if you’re missing more than a few shingles, even though the weather hasn’t been intense, you should get a professional’s opinion. While a couple missing shingles aren’t an issue, multiple shingles falling off during good weather is a sign that your roof’s losing its integrity.

Last but not least, be honest with yourself about the visual appearance of your roof. When you look at your home, does your roof look ugly and beaten? When the entire roof looks bad, it’s time to do a full-on replacement.

While the cost to replace roof shingles is more than the cost for repairs, you’ll wind up saving money in the long run. Inefficient old roofs can raise your energy bill.

Process of Replacing Roof Shingles

Shingle Roof Replacement


After looking at your roof, do you think you could get away with simply performing a few minor shingle repairs?  If you decide to repair your shingles, make sure you perform the repairs on a warm, dry day.

Warm shingles are more pliable and less likely to break or crack. Also, it’s never a good idea to climb onto an icy or wet roof, even if it’s just damp from the morning dew.

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Moving on, if any part of a shingle is missing, you have to replace the entire shingle. To help lower the cost to remove and replace roof shingles, check for leftover shingles from the last time work was done on your roof.

If your lucky, the builder or roofing company will have left some shingles behind. If not, you can expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $25 per 100 sq. ft of standard 3 tab shingles. If you’re having trouble finding a perfect match, go ahead and choose shingles that look as similar to yours as possible.  You can click here to check out the best types of shingles to put on your roof.

Once you have your shingles, you’ll need to gather your tools. Here’s a shortlist of the tools you’ll need:

  • Flat pry bar
  • Utility Knife
  • Roofing nails

You’ll notice that every shingle has 4 nails, along with the nails from the shingles installed on top. If you’re repairing a bottom shingle, you’ll need to remove the first row of nails using your pry bar.

Once you have the first row of nails out, you can begin to remove the nails from the damaged shingle. Finally, pull off the damaged shingle and slide the new one into place and secure it with 4 roofing nails.

Fixing Curled Shingles

Shingle Roof Replacement


Are you looking into replacing roof shingles that are curling around the corners? If you see the beginnings of curls on your shingles, you can be proactive by gluing down the curling section. To efficiently glue your shingles in place you’ll need to use a caulking gun.

With the caulking gun, you’ll carefully apply a little bit of roof sealant under the corner of the shingle that’s curling. Finally, put a brick on the shingle and leave it there for 48 hours. When you remove the brick 2 days later, the shingle should be firmly held in place.

Preparing for a Roof Replacement

If you need an entire roof replacement, you’ll most likely need to call a professional roofing company. After making an appointment to have your roof replaced you can begin to prepare your home and driveway for the big day. For instance, you should take your cars out of the driveway so that the roofers will be able to easily park their hauling trailer.

Next, move any breakable items, like front yard decor or potted plants. You should make sure everyone, including pets, stays inside while works being completed to avoid any injuries from falling roof materials. Once the roofers begin working, they’re going to start at the base of your roof and work their way up.

Protect Your Home and Wallet

Shingle Roof Replacement


After reading this article, do you think it’s time for a shingle roof replacement? Or can you get away with performing a few minor repairs on your own? If you’re still not sure, go ahead and call a professional roofer today to get their opinion.

After all, waiting to replace or repair your roof will only cause you more problems down the road. From high energy bills to water damage, inefficient roofs are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. For more ways to look out for yourself, check out another one of our articles.

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