Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare For New Roof Installation?
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On September 1, 2022

A new roof can give your home a fresh look. But when you’re expecting roofers at your home, you need to be prepared. It’s a significant home project, so you must take some safety measures for the smooth operation of this complex process. Roofing By Elite recommends these tips to prepare for a new roof installation. 

Remove your vehicle

Relocating your vehicle and freeing up the parking space can benefit the roofers and you. Your car will stay protected from potential damage, and the contractors can use the additional space for their tools and other equipment. It’s preferable to make the project as simple as possible for the roofers

Prepare the inside of your home

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You should prepare your interior for the roof replacement as well. Start with clearing your attic. If you have any valuable items stored in the attic, relocate them before the roofers arrive. The dust from the job could get your valuable items, such as family heirlooms, dirty, so it’s best not to take risks. Preserve other fragile objects as well, as the construction could cause a lot of vibration. This includes precious glass items, mirrors, pictures, wall hangings, etc. 

If your pets are sensitive to loud noises, we suggest you arrange temporary lodging for them. The construction could get loud and trouble sensitive pets. Discuss what will happen at your home with your children as well. This way, young children could keep their distance from hazardous locations and not get in the way of the professionals. Apart from securing your vehicles, you should also secure your windows using boards so the vibration doesn’t damage them. 

Inform your neighbors

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It’s good to inform your neighbors beforehand about the roofing work your home is about to go through. The construction work could cause loud noise throughout the day, some debris spilling beyond your property line, and other disruptions. Informing your neighbors is the polite and respectful thing to do so they can also be prepared for the work. 

Create a clear path for the roofers

Roofing work can be messy because of all the debris that could spill. We’re sure you want the roofers to do neat work, but you could also take some steps to help them do a quick and clean job. You can start by providing them with a clear path to the roof. The space around the path should be free of any valuable items, such as your car, grills, patio furniture, etc. 

Free up your driveway and sidewalk as well. You can temporarily move all your belongings to the garage or arrange an alternate space for them. This way, you protect your belongings from harm while also making the work easier for the professionals. You should also consider pruning your trees to provide the professionals with unobstructed access to your roof. 

Remove obstructions from your roof

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If you have any antennas or satellite dishes, remove them to make the roofers’ job as unobstructed as possible. You don’t have to do this part on your own. Call professionals and ask them to remove anything that could be an obstacle for the roofing contractors. 

Check all the power outlets

The construction work would require the roofers to access a few power outlets. If there are no outlets outside, see how many are in your garage. If the power outlets are too far from your roof, you can get some extension cords and run them through your doors or windows. Make sure to alert everyone in the family of the cords so nobody, especially children, trips over them and hurts themselves. 

If your roof is being replaced, it’s best to do everything on your part to make the job easier for you and the professionals. These tips are sure to work out. The last and most valuable tip is to hire certified professionals with good credentials. If you’re confused about who to hire, contact roofing contractors in your area and check their credentials, reviews, and client testimonials. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before contacting a roofing contractor to install your new roof.

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