Benefits That You Can Enjoy by Installing the Right Pool Covers
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On September 26, 2022

A quick and simple solution to keep pests and garden debris out of your Pool is to install or use a pool cover. Nevertheless, covering your Pool when not in use has a lot of additional advantages. And one of the greatest ways to stop your priceless pool water from practically disappearing into thin air is by installing a pool cover. Additionally, there are a variety of pool cover alternatives available, including winter, solar, safety, and security pool covers, each of which is created for a particular environment or purpose.

Swimming pool covers from Pool express offer so many significant advantages and benefits for your outdoor pool area that they should be seen as necessary, not simply desirable. Of course, you can decide not to cover your Pool, but the results when it becomes polluted with dust, dirt, and plant debris are probably not what you want.

No pool is complete without a pool cover

Pool Covers


A pool cover from Pool express significantly reduces the frequency of backwashing your Pool by keeping the water clear.

Maintaining a cover over your Pool prevents chemical evaporation into the atmosphere, which lowers the number of chemicals you need to use. Additionally, a cover will save up to 50% of your heating expenses.

This is because evaporation, primarily at night when the air temperature goes below that of the Pool’s water, is the main cause of heat loss in swimming pools.

Which pool cover would be best for you, then?

Several kinds of pool coverings are available, including bubble blankets, heat blankets, leaf blankets, and slat blankets.

Currently, bubble blankets are the most well-liked since they are simple to set up, simple to use, have a long lifespan, and are often the least expensive. Daisy pool coverings are available from Swimart, and they come highly recommended.

For a while, there haven’t been any significant improvements in solar pool cover design. These are tougher and have longer warranties to reflect this quality.

Manages the temperature of the Pool

Pool Covers


contributes to maintaining and/or raising pool water temperature by up to 4 C for a warmer pool and lower heating expenses. Even with chlorinated sanitation systems, remove the cover from the Pool on hot summer days if the water temperature is higher than 28 C.

Lessens the evaporation of water while the Pool is not in use. 

Evaporation may be almost eliminated using floating coverings. Conserve water and money by paying less for water. It should be noted that unchecked water loss from evaporation and other leaks can harm pool skimmers and pumps that draw in dry air.

Reduces the need for chlorine by blocking UV radiation, which damages chlorine

Consequently, you’ll spend less time and money topping off the chemicals in the Pool. Remove the pool cover for 48 hours until the chlorine levels return to normal if you’ve just over-chlorinated your Pool.

Prevents dust, leaf litter, and other particles from contaminating the Pool

Pool Covers


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Minimises the amount of work that must be done to keep the automated cleaners, skimmers, filters, and pumps clean; saves you time cleaning and maintaining the Pool’s equipment; and lowers the cost and consumption of chlorine. It is possible to sweep up or use a leaf blower to remove debris from coverings.

To preserve the effectiveness of the chlorinator/filter, minimise probable equipment failure, and stop “green pool” incidents, eliminate flow obstructions in unoccupied pools.

Maintains the water quality of deserted pools so that they need less supervision and upkeep, whether you’re too busy, away on vacation, or the Pool is located on a vacant piece of land.

Keeping the water quality consistent during the winter facilitates spring pool opening. If the water in your Pool is clean, spring opening may only need topping up the chemicals and water and turning on the filter.

Ensures the safety of your children and pets by securing and sealing off abandoned or unsupervised pools. 

Complementing required safety fencing and parental oversight, safety pool coverings can increase overall safety for families using pools. Further keeps off unwelcome visitors like birds. 

For added security, mounted pool alarms with floating or wave sensors can be utilised with pool coverings.


Pool Covers


Although some people find pool covers to be unsightly and inconvenient, given their advantages and benefits, they are unquestionably necessary pool accessories. Pool express developed a summary of the key advantages and benefits to assist you in determining whether or not a pool cover is appropriate for your Pool. Some of these might not apply to your requirements, location, local environment, or climate (i.e., temperature, humidity, and wind conditions), in which case you should speak with your neighbourhood pool technician or use your best judgement to determine whether to install a pool cover would be beneficial.

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