7  Reasons You Need To Get A Pipe Inspection
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On April 25, 2022

Regular pipe inspections help guarantee that a plumbing system’s pipes remain in good condition. A plumbing check in your home area is vital as a skilled plumber will know what to look for and decide whether or not the pipes require repair.

If a minor leak is left unchecked, it might develop into a major plumbing issue. Thus, It’s advisable to resolve issues while they are still manageable rather than waiting for them to get worse.

Getting A Pipe Inspection Is A Necessity

Pipe Inspection

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By scheduling a pipe inspection for your house, you can detect issues before they become a major source of headaches. 

Listed below are several reasons why you should schedule a plumbing inspection.

Drain Blockage Prevention

Even the cleanest homes experience drain blockage, but they do not occur overnight. Residue accumulates gradually as various objects and liquids pass through the drain. It takes time for enough debris to gather to cause a pipe to get clogged, but you will quickly notice when this occurs.

A clogged pipe is bad news, even if it’s the stagnant water in your sink draining slowly or the bad odor permeating the air near the drain. If the matter is not resolved correctly, the blockage may re-enter your home, producing significant complications.

Regular pipe inspections, particularly video inspections, will discover blockages and clogged drains well before their occurrence. A slight obstruction can be resolved with a simple cleaning, and you’ll soon be back to enjoying freely draining pipes.

House Renovation

Pipe Inspection

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Having your pipes inspected carefully before beginning a renovation can save you time and money.

Consider that you’ve just completed construction of your home and discovered that your pipes have begun to show indications of wear and tear. And the worst-case scenario is that water pooling occurs, resulting in water damage to your new carpet, furniture, and other items.

Because pipes have a finite life, it is not uncommon for pipes that appear to be functioning normally for years to suddenly reach a point when hidden corrosion results in breakage and loss of flow.

Water Itself

Pipe Inspection

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Additionally, it is critical to ensure that the water flowing through the home is pure and safe to use and drink. If the water in your home becomes discolored, there are a variety of possible causes, ranging from minor to primary. A certified and knowledgeable plumber can assist in determining the source of the discoloration.

Remember that just because the home you’re considering purchasing has plumbing issues does not mean it’s not worth it. However, you now understand what you’re getting yourself into, and this knowledge will enable you to make more informed choices throughout the home buying process.

It will aid you in discussions and ultimately save you money by informing them of the water issues before purchase.

Pipes Operate More Efficiently

Pipes are like the arteries of a house. They connect to large appliances, numerous rooms, and necessary amenities. You require them to perform flawlessly consistently.

If your pipes become clogged, the flow will be less than optimal. If there is a leak, you may experience reduced flow and increased water costs. Even a single faulty pipe might result in a 10% increase in a home’s water bill.

Plumbing professionals will inspect every inch of your pipes to ensure they are functioning correctly and will share their proposed solutions with you promptly.

Discovers Hidden Damage

Pipe Inspection

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The average person will not detect cracks, minor leaks, or warps in pipes since the damage is usually too tiny to see unless they look directly at it.

Typically, pipes are concealed behind walls, flooring, and other inaccessible spots. Pipes are more likely to crack and leak with time. So, to avoid major issues, it’s advisable to arrange routine inspections to ensure your pipes are free of concealed damage.

If any damage is discovered, it can be swiftly repaired. Regular inspections of pipelines will help avoid minor problems from developing into severe issues.


Leaks at the toilet base are a common issue detected during these checks. If the flooring immediately surrounding the toilet has stains or the bathroom is not firmly installed, this indicates floor damage beneath. Toilet leaks often cause considerable damage to the flooring. However, most homeowners are unaware of how to address them, which can worsen the situation appropriately.

Hence, to resolve the issue, reliable plumbing services can assist you. However, make sure to find one near where you live so that they can easily address the plumbing issues you’re currently facing. For example, if you live in Newcastle or its neighboring areas, you can visit Newcastle Plumbing and their website to avail of their services.

In Case of Storm Season

Pipe Inspection

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Storm season will arrive sooner or later regardless of where you reside. However, you don’t have any assurance that your pipes can handle the volume of water generated by heavy rain. 

There are numerous ways to prepare your home and pipes for inclement weather, but scheduling a pipe inspection is essential. Knowing the actual condition of your pipes will assist you in arranging for repairs before storm season.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to guarantee that your pipes are in good condition or you’ve observed a blockage, consulting a professional has several advantages. It is preferable to inspect to resolve issues before they become worse. Regular inspections can help you save money on repair costs; the more damage is done, the more expensive it becomes.

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