How to Repair a Clicking Home AC Compressor
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On January 18, 2021

Air conditioner compressor is usually situated outside your home, within your outdoor condenser. It absorbs the heat from your home and makes cools your home. You can think of the AC compressor as the heart of an air conditioner. And if you’re hearing a clicking noise coming from your AC compressor, there must be a problem.

In this article, I’ll talk about how to repair a clicking home AC compressor. But before that, you need to why your AC compressor is making a clicking noise in the first place.

Why is the AC Compressor Making Clicking Sound?

Home AC Compressor


As the air conditioner compressor is situated outside your home, tree leaves and other dust can easily accumulate in the AC compressor. Besides, due to lack of maintenance, nuts and bolts of the AC compression can become loose and cause the clicking sound.

Apart from these, if the air conditioner has damaged or faulty controls, and malfunctioning relay, your air conditioner compressor will make a clicking sound.

Again, apart from clicking sound, if you hear a gurgling sound coming out of your AC compressor, there can be a problem with your air conditioner refrigerant.

To identify the root problem, you should call a near by air conditioning repair professional who offers HVAC repair and maintenance services. A 24 hour ac repair las vegas will check your HVAC system thoroughly and fix it where it is needed.

What does the Compressor Do?

Home AC Compressor


As I mentioned earlier, the air conditioner compressor is situated outside, and its main duty is to circulate refrigerant.

The refrigerant absorbs the heat from your home and releases the heat to the outside unit through the coils of your air conditioner. If you go in front of your air conditioner compressor, you’ll feel hot air coming from it.

The compressor has a motor in it, and with the help of this motor, the air conditioner compressor compresses the refrigerant and increases the temperature of the refrigerant. When the temperature of the refrigerant rises, it turns into a high-pressure gas. This high-pressure gas forces the refrigerant to go to the air conditioner’s outdoor coil and releases the heat. After releasing the heat, the AC refrigerant turns into a liquid.

Then this liquid refrigerant moves to the indoor unit and turns into a gas again. When it is in a gaseous state, it absorbs the heat from your home and transfers the heat to your air conditioner’s compressor. Thus, your compressor makes your home cool. This cycle continues until your air conditioner reaches your desired temperature.

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As the AC compressor plays a key role in keeping your home cool, it’s called the heart of an air conditioner. That’s why if you face any problem with your AC compressor, you shouldn’t ignore it and repair it as soon as possible. Take some AC compressor repair and replace ideas at The Architecture Designs.

How to Repair a Clicking Home AC Compressor

Step 1: Check If the AC Starts Normally or Not

Home AC Compressor


At first, try to turn on your air conditioner. If the air conditioner starts normally without making any problem or delay, you’re good to move to the next step. However, if the air conditioner doesn’t start, there is a high chance that your air conditioner has other problems too. In this case, call an HVAC professional to check your air conditioner thoroughly.

Step 2: Check the Circuit Breaker

Now, check the circuit breaker of your house. It is generally located on the outside of your house.

Check whether all the switches of the circuit breaker are in the right place or not. After that, check the connection of your air conditioner to the circuit. If your air conditioner isn’t getting the power from the circuit breaker, flip the circuit breaker to the off position and then put it back to the on position.

If you find out that your air conditioner is still not getting power from the circuit breaker, call a nearby electrician to check your circuit breaker.

Step 3: Locate the Fuse Box

Home AC Compressor


Find the fuse box and power relay in your air conditioner. Check whether the power relay in good condition or not. In most cases, the AC compressor clicking happens due to malfunctioning relays. If you find out the relay is in bad condition, call an HVAC professional to repair it.

Step 4: Remove Refrigerant and Other Parts

Before removing the AC compressor, remove the refrigerant, drier, expansion valve, and orifice tube. Also, don’t forget to remove other foreign parts from your air conditioner compressor.

Step 5: Remove Tree Leaves and Dust

As the air conditioner compressor stays on the outside, tree leaves and dust can easily accumulate in the compressor. When it does, it can create a compressor clicking problem. That’s why while repairing your air conditioner compressor, remove all the dust and debris from the compressor.

Step 6: Install the Compressor

Home AC Compressor


Now, it’s time to install the compressor, drier and other compressor parts.

As compressor is a sensitive part of an AC, if you’re not an expert in HVAC system, it’s better to call an air conditioning repair specialist to repair the AC compressor for you.

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