Guide to the Right Smart Intercom For Apartments
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On September 23, 2022

Given the variety of models and distributors available on the market, finding the best and latest intercom is simple. However, getting the greatest one is a little trickier. Making a comparison is one of the things to do in this scenario. You can also get reviews from other customers.  Swiftlane is a modern video intercom system for apartments and it is one of the top smart intercoms to date. 

This guide is developed to assist anyone looking for advice on the top intercoms. It is advisable to inquire about the device’s transmission type, available options, and strength before using it as a tool to enhance home security. You will receive a durable, functional product as a result.

Types of Intercom

Right Smart Intercom For Apartments


There are two primary types of intercoms are available on the market: audio and video devices. The host takes up the handset on the opposite side when the guest engages the mechanism with the wall console in the previous version, which is still referred to as a door phone. Modern technology includes a button that must be pressed to initiate a conversation.

A camera on the door station and a screen on the receiver often known as video devices, also operate based on the same concept. This system makes sure that the visitors in front of your door are broadcast live. As a result, it gives you the ability to screen visitors efficiently, especially unwelcome ones.

Transmission Mode

Right Smart Intercom For Apartments


There are several things to think about before buying. You’ll also be told to pay attention to the transmission mode of the gadget. Additionally, products are divided into two categories on the market: wireless references and samples connected by wires.

Your decision should primarily be focused on the space you have reserved for your device. According to the distance between the door station and the handset, the wired intercom operates using two or four wires. It provides the highest level of communication reliability. However, installing it calls for some understanding of electrical connections.

The placements of the devices must be studied for the wireless models. The range sometimes puts a limit on them. Radio waves are used for data transmission, which is occasionally prone to interference. But most of these references come with uncomplicated installation instructions.

Function and Design

Right Smart Intercom For Apartments


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You must think about the design issue before deciding where to purchase a new intercom. The model you intend to purchase will be a decorative element in your house. Because of this, it’s important to consider both its size and attractiveness. These requirements need to be selected following the space you secure for your device.

The choices that customers have while selecting from among the products on the market also set them apart from one another. For instance, you may be able to link the connection with a gate opening on some models. You won’t have to step out and do it yourself thanks to this function. There are further models with Wi-Fi capabilities. As a result, even if you are not at home, you may link your mobile device or tablet to see your visitors.

Best Smart Intercoms for Apartments

Right Smart Intercom For Apartments


SwiftlaneSwiftlane incorporates efficiency and superior security to make every neighborhood a desirable place to live while ensuring safety. Its cloud-based, end-to-end smart technology enables voice unlocking, face recognition access, smartphone access, video intercom, visitor PINs, and key card access to grant access to every location within a building.

DoorbirdDoorBird is a brand that represents the integration of modern IP technology and exclusive design in the door communication space.  When it comes to cutting-edge technology and design, DoorBird IP Video door stations are the best in terms of push message quality, speed, voice, and video.

Butterfly MX – With ButterflyMX, residents and building personnel can use their smartphones to access doors, gates, and elevators, guaranteeing they never miss a guest or delivery. By omitting building wiring and in-unit hardware, you may benefit from simple installation, reduce expenses, and save time by integrating with well-liked access control and property management systems.

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