5 Ways To Save Cost On Your Restaurant’s Energy Bill
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On September 3, 2021

According to a report, food service businesses (particularly restaurants) use 111 cubic feet of natural gas per square foot and 38 kWh of electricity. It is approximately 2.5 times higher than other commercial businesses. 

Restaurants need to provide quality services to their customers to help their businesses grow. The overall ambiance of the place is also considered a crucial part of the customer experience. Therefore, most restaurants keep the place well lit and create a comfortable temperature. This tends to increase their overall energy bill. 

Now the question is- What can restaurant owners do to lower the energy cost? Well, below are some energy-efficient practices that can help you save money. So, let’s learn these things in The Architecture Designs.

Get An Energy Audit  

Save Cost On Your Restaurant’s Energy Bill

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Getting an energy audit will help you understand the overall energy consumption of your business. This will help you draft a better energy-saving plan. The professionals will conduct a full inspection of your location and building to check for insulation issues or air leaks. So, you can make necessary repairs and help save costs. 

Tip: To get an audit, consult local utility companies, as they may do the audit for free. On the other hand, the energy supplier might charge you for the service. 

Replace Old Equipment 

Generally, old and outdated equipment consumes more energy. Moreover, the quality of work done with the help of equipment also gets reduced after a certain period. Therefore, you should replace your old equipment. Or, it would be best if you repair them regularly so that their efficiency improves. 

Get Window Tinting

Save Cost On Your Restaurant’s Energy Bill

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If your customers often complain about intense heat and glare in the restaurant, you should consider window tinting. It will help reduce the heat and glare. And, it will also help reduce your energy bill. So, contact Commercial Window Tinting experts and get the work done. In fact, the professionals can also provide decorative window film, which will also enhance the restaurant’s appearance. 

Take Benefit Of Sunlight

If your business is located at a place where you get plenty of sunlight, you should make use of it. How? Well, you can use solar LED lights and heating systems. It will help reduce the cost of electricity to a great extent. Moreover, there is little to no maintenance in the solar equipment, especially if no batteries are used. Not to forget, you might also get an “eco-friendly” or “green” label for your business for utilizing electricity from solar energy. 

Prevent “Phantom Energy”

Save Cost On Your Restaurant’s Energy Bill

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Did you know that the energy is also consumed by the equipment which is left plugged in? It is known as phantom energy. To reduce this cost, you need to shut down all the devices or equipment when not in use. In fact, you should also educate your employees and staff about the same. It will surely help you save costs. 

To Sum It All Up!

All these are great ways to help lower the overall energy cost. Besides that, adapting to energy-efficient practices will also indicate that you care about the environment. Moreover, these practices will also create a great impression on your customers. Therefore, you should start using them now!