Smart and Beautiful way to Decorate your Home Entrance Lobby
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On February 28, 2020

It is said’ “The first impression is the last impression” and it is truly said. While this may not be correct in every aspect but when it comes to décor, this makes really good sense. Although, there is no perfect formula that can enhance your décor, there are still certain ideas you can follow in order to create a great impression amongst the visitors.

As the first thing the visitor will notice is the entrance lobby, it needs to be well designed and maintained. Create a lasting impact with these smart and beautiful ways to decorate the home entrance lobby with The Architecture Designs.

1) Statement Lighting :

statement Light


Lobby decoration can be a tricky business as you don’t have to go wrong with this. One of the features that make the home entrance decoration more beautiful is lights. There is a rule that says, the right accessories can take the outfit to the next level and the same thing goes with the lightings. There are numerous options one can avail for the perfect lighting from flush mounts to chandeliers and floor lamps.

statement light2


The ceiling can be accessorized and statement lighting can be added to steal the show. This can be done by adding exciting flush mount lights or the beautiful and elegant pendant. You can also add the Hollywood regency style lights or an oversized golden chandelier to make it modern as well as royal. Adding the artistic table lamps and a geometrical feature to the lighting can also make it modern and illuminate the beautiful lobby.  

statement light3


2) Rugs :



The tastefully designed lobby is something everyone loves to visit. A cozy carpet and regal rug scream the ultimate comfort and nothing is more welcoming than this. The comfy rugs are ideal for the lobby of all shapes and sizes and can also fit perfectly with its varied color schemes and design.



Rugs can be of many kinds from the huge rug with a simple design to the circular one to the rug with a traditional touch. Each design carries its own unique advantage and one can choose from the variety of the rugs to match it with the surroundings. Anchor the ensemble with these uniquely designed rugs that are ready to add texture to your décor.



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People think it fair to judge the home by its foyer and give them something luxurious to judge with the area rugs, the circular rugs to act as the centerpiece, a rug with the traditional touch and a lot more.

3) Mirrors :



Wall mirrors might not be an important addition to the foyer but it surely converts the whole look of the place and also helps in reflecting the light to create the ultimate illusion. Also, the mirrors help in adding the illusion of space to the lobby to make it look bigger and airy. Mirrors can be available in many shapes, sizes, designs, and frames and never fails to impress.


You can also make a statement by adding the mirror to the lobby which can be big, small or maybe oversized. Also, the frame of the mirror makes the look irresistible to be noticed. One can add a small mirror to the wall with a simple frame or a huge frameless mirror for the whole wall or a beautifully articulated framed mirror to boost the décor of the lobby and also make a statement. Apart from this, one can also add antiques to the lobby.  

mirror 3


4) Plants :



Creating a welcoming décor for the lobby is not always about adding high-end furniture or plush accessories but plants can also be added to elevate the overall aesthetics. Plants not only help in occupying a great deal of space in the lobby to make it look fuller but also add to the personality of the place positively. It can be the choice of the owner to add natural or artificial plants.  



There are varieties of plants available for the lobby such as the good luck plants, air purifiers, prosperity plants or simple decorative plants. This is a great addition as plants do not require a lot of maintenance. If you can add an artistic vase with these plants it will work as the icing on the cake.   



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