5 Threats to Air Ducts you need to take care
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On November 9, 2019

Stepping out of one’s haven one seems to be engulfed in smoke, dust, pollens and other myriad chemical pollutants which hardly everyone is aware of, causing havoc in our system. This makes the requirement of a pristine environment more urgent. We all need a space that has clean and pure air so our body can recuperate from any damage caused.

Modern enclosures that have become a part of our daily life even in cities that are equipped with air ducts for hot and cold air circulation throughout the buildings to prevent suffocation and maintain a favorable space for one to thrive. 

Air Ducts Threats 1

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But, like most mechanical machines these need to be serviced at regular intervals in order to keep the ducts clean and maintain indoor air quality for which we are lucky to have cleaning service, that are just a phone call away equipped with state of art technology that works beautifully to achieve our objective, be it a commercial High-rise an industry or residential apartments. For example, if you are living in Ontario, you can look for air duct cleaning services in Ontario.

Threats to Air ducts:

Metropolis has found Air ducts more viable in installing because of their innumerable benefits but even these are not immune to the following elements that if not timely taken care of can cause severe health hazards.

Air Dust Dust

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Dust:  Ducts are normally located in places where we are not able to reach easily and most often forgotten as they become part and parcel of our lives. Hence, the accumulation of dust contaminants. The dust if not removed will continue circulating throughout the built-in area however much the area is vacuumed or cleaned making its way into our respiratory system causing breathing problems in the long run.

Air Dust Rodents

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Rodents: These common pest our often lurking in dark murky corners and one cannot say when the smell of any dead pest start changing the odor of a place.

Air Dust Mildew & Molds

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Mildew & Molds: Like other fungi, these tend to grow in damp moist and dark places. These pipes need anti-fungal treatment to prevent their growth and eradicate them to prevent the pipes from choking or slowing down the air circulation in any way.

Air Duct House Pets

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House Pets: Furry creatures tend to shed hair even while doing something as simple as wagging their tails. This is a real bane for the air ducts which normally choke with the amount of hair they get into their passage and tiny nearly invisible hair circulating in the surroundings causing million respiratory problems in little children like asthma. Even if the present family has no pets the previous owner s pets can leave behind this problem which will only fester with time if not taken care of.

Air Duct Densely  Populated

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Densely  Populated: Underground Metro stations, large offices, shopping malls, etc. need to be on their toes with maintenance because any little drop in the air circulation can have a large effect on the people inside hence servicing their air ducts at regular intervals is a must to avoid any unwanted catastrophe. 

Servicing air ducts regularly has many advantages first and foremost increasing the quality of the air infinitely at the same time quantity. Getting rid of unwanted freeloaders like rodents’ insects’ fungus and their likes removal of unwanted debris is an added benefit. Unblocked pipes and oiled machinery takes a lesser toll on the motor increasing its life and making it more fuel-efficient.

air ducting feature image

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Whenever we’ve scheduled service we should be careful to check out the firm that has been hired for the job. The first thing to look for is if they are equipped with the latest technology and, can get on with the job with little or no fuss. They should be proficient in cleaning all types of ducts including the exhausts of the bathroom and kitchen laundry etc were due to the liberal use of water moisture gets into ducts which helps molds to grow. 

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While using a sanitizer insists on a chemical-free one like the ones used in many parts of the world which will not interfere with the quality of the air. Check reviews posted by the past users to help decide for their efficiency. Last but not the least, check and compare the prices out to get a deal with any additional service to your liking making it a win-win situation for all. visit TheArchitectureDesigns  more ideas to enhance your house, office mall and more,

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