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On September 27, 2018

Initially, false ceiling ideas to cover the building wire and pipes by creating a free space above the false ceilings. Hence, it allows accessing for repairs and inspections. The false ceiling is also used to hide the structural damage.

false ceiling ideas

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The false ceiling is available in different range of color materials, visual effects, shapes, and size, which complement the modern contemporary interior ceiling design. If you to change the look of the bedroom than false ceiling surely improve the attractiveness of the bedroom. Here are some false ceiling ideas for bedroom.

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The new innovative false ceiling can even control the light and sound in the bedroom. They have material that can absorb the sound.

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False ceiling balance the overall design in the bedroom. A false ceiling has bulb holder to add brightness in the room. To enhance the natural mood of the bedroom decor with vase near the king size bed and allow the beam of light to fall on the flowers vase.

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The white color ceiling goes well with the nude design. Any type of soft color can create a calm effect. The wooden false ceiling looks cozy and comfortable. Storage cabinet connects from floor to ceiling appear very stylish in a modern contemporary style bedroom.

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You can try the wide range of false ceiling ideas for the bedroom. Painting or the marriage photograph can highlight by using direct focus light from the ceiling.

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Add light in different color in the false ceiling panel without rewiring the entire section of the house. You can use two shades of color in your false ceiling. The dark color used in the top layer and highlight with the lighter shades or the vice versa.

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false ceiling ideas


false ceiling ideas


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