Stunning Foyer Design Ideas Every Small Home Owner Should Check
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On September 12, 2018

The entrance of the house sets the tone for the rest of the home. Even in the small spaces foyer can decorate with numerous items like rugs, wallpaper, artwork, mirrors, light fixtures, coat racks, benches, hooks, and small-scale furniture. There are few simple foyer design ideas for small homes to enhance the entrance of the house.

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The minimalist work to add beautiful coat holder where the guest can hang their scarves, hat, bags, and coat. The natural color tile floor provides texture in the foyer. Folding furniture like table, chair or a shoe rack has taken small space and have utility. The house entrance got messy with the scatter of shoe. Shoe storage is the permanent solution for a clean and tidy foyer.

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Small foyer design idea like key or magazine holder, letterbox can create a huge difference in the foyer. Artistic painting, sculpture or the family photograph showcasing in a stunning frame. Light shade wall color near the foyer give lively and bright appeal to the visitor.

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The rugs play the most crucial role in the entrance. It helps to hold the dirt of the unclean high boots and shoes. Use carpet liner to hold the rug tightly in the foyer.

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Foyer design with the mirror looks elegant and classy. Circular shape mirror above the table with a flower vase appear wonderful in the entrance of the house. Little plantation near the entrance gives a fresh feel. Wooden, marble or tiles flooring can use in the entrance.  

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