Efficient Tips for Clearing Drain Blockages
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On November 24, 2020

Drain blockages can be frustrating especially when they happen during the ungodly hours. Though you can choose to ignore the issue for the night, allowing the issue to get worse will make things worse. Here are efficient tips for clearing drain blockages.

Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain

Clearing Drain Blockages

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 Apart from being frustrating, drain blockages can also lead to property damage and serious health problems. It is best to watch out for common signs of a blocked drain to arrest the issue before it worsens.

Unusual Smell

One of the most common sign of drain blockage is an unusual smell. This smell has a sewage-like scent. Foul smells start to occur when things start to rot in the drain.


Your toilet, sinks, shower, and bathroom will start draining slowly if the drains are blocked. You should take immediate action when you start to notice water spilling back up.

Gurgling Sounds

You should also be alarmed if you start hearing gurgling sounds in your pipe and fixtures. In most cases, gurgling sounds occur when the blockage displaces and pushes trapped air up through the pipes.

What Causes Drain Blockages?

Clearing Drain Blockages

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 Drain blockages can cause corrosion, flooding, sewage backups, and costly repairs. The first step towards preventing blockages is by recognizing their causes. Learn more about the causes of drain blockages below:

Natural Debris

Leaves, dirt, grit, twigs, and leaves can fall into your outdoor drains if they do not have gutter guards.

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Tree Roots

Tree roots can get through small cracks and leaks in your underground pipes and start growing. They will keep growing until they breach the pipes causing a blockage.

Foreign Objects

Clearing Drain Blockages

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Any other object apart from water, waste and toilet paper will wreak havoc if it finds its way into the drainpipes. Foreign objects will be lodged in the u-bend causing a blockage.


Solid soap bars can be lodged in your plumbing supply causing blockage. Besides, some soaps have grease or fat, which combines with minerals to form soap scrum. Soap scrum clogs pipes and stains bath fittings.

Food Scraps

Food scraps, especially coffee grounds should never find their way into your plumbing supply.

Cooking Oil

Due to its vicious nature, cooking oil gathers and clumps with food scraps causing a blockage.

Mineral Buildup

The buildup of minerals like calcium in your plumbing supply constricts the pipes making them susceptible to blockage.

How Do You Clear a Blocked Drain?

Clearing Drain Blockages

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The cause of the blockage will determine which method you will use. The following are various ways of clearing drainage blockages:

Use Boiling Water

Using boiling water is the easiest and cheapest way of clearing blockages caused by grease, toiletries, and conditioners. Remember to pour the boiled water slowly for better results.

Take Advantage of Plungers

Plungers will help dislodge local blockages by forming a seal around the plug hole and a vacuum.

Caustic Cleaners

Caustic cleaners like caustic soda dissolve fat, oil, and grease to clear tough blockages.

Natural Cleaners

Clearing Drain Blockages

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Natural cleaners like vinegar and bicarbonate of soda have a fizzing effect that clears drain blockages.

Hire a Local Plumber

Local plumbers use a variety of methods including excavation, pipe relining, and hydro jet to clear tough drain blockages. They also use CCTV to identify the specific cause.

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