A Guide to Using Copper Silver Ionization For Legionellosis Prevention
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On September 16, 2021

What is Legionella?

In order to determine the best solution for legionellosis prevention, you have to know more about copper-silver ionization for legionella prevention. Before getting into this solution, let’s define what this condition is all about. Legionellosis is a type of lung infection that is caused by inhalation of the organism. Sometimes, the organisms get into the air you breathe, and you may not even be aware of it until it attacks your throat. This is why you need the best solution for Legionellosis prevention.

Legionella is known to be in the air we breathe and in some cases, it will grow inside you through the moisture you have in your lungs. The best solution for legionella prevention consists of copper-silver ionization. This process is The Architecture designs explore that make the water inside the lungs ionize, which then kills the organism.

Preventing Legionella Growth

Copper Silver Ionization For Legionellosis Prevention

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When you use copper-silver ionization for legionella prevention, you can do so two ways. You can either use water and vinegar solutions or you can use silver. The solution you choose depends on your condition and on how you feel. If you are not feeling well, then you can just drink water with vinegar and it will work just as well as silver. However, if you are experiencing a sore throat or any kind of unusual discomfort in the area where the illness is, you should go for silver-ionized water with vinegar.

One disadvantage of using silver ionization is that it can only be used to treat mild infections. This is why it is not advisable to use this solution for medium or severe bacterial infections. Another problem is that silver tends to react with other substances and make them less effective. For instance, potassium carbide reacts with silver and it makes the silver particles less stable. Copper-silver ionization for legionnaires is therefore not recommended for applications where potassium carbide reacts with silver.

You have to realize that there are some good ways of using this solution. One way is to use a nasal spray that contains copper salt for easier inhalation. Another way is to take a hot shower (without shampoo or soap) and inhale the steam. It might sound weird but when it comes to treating pneumonia, inhaling steam is a great way to fight the germs that cause the disease. 

Copper Silver Ionization For Legionellosis Prevention

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First, you do not have to worry about reactions. Silver and copper ionization are completely different. You do not need to be very careful about the way you handle them, except for using them for severe and contagious diseases. Remember that colloidal silver does not react with acidic liquids like wine or vinegar. 

Copper silver solutions are also non-toxic. They do not contain any heavy metals or toxic chemicals that can harm human beings. Also, they are more natural than other disinfectants that use strong chemicals to cleanse surfaces.

You can even put them on top of your food to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can put them on your vegetables to preserve their nutritious contents and to prevent spoilage. You can even sprinkle them on your fruits to preserve their whiteness and prevent discoloration. Using a mixture of two tablespoons of colloidal silver and eight ounces of water should keep you hydrated during physical activity.

Copper Silver Ionization For Legionellosis Prevention

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The good thing about copper-silver mixture is that it maintains a neutral pH level in the body. This prevents the development of organism-damaging acid wastes. Copper ions neutralize harmful substances in the body through oxidizing them into harmless substances. If you consume a solution of thirty milligrams per kilogram of body weight every day, you will be able to protect yourself against this microorganism.

Copper silver ionization for legionella prevention can be taken in three ways. You can buy colloidal silver ionization products over the counter at pharmacies and health stores. You can also take a DIY approach and create a solution of your own using distilled water, baking soda, vinegar and a few drops of lemon oil.

The Bottom Line

Copper Silver Ionization For Legionellosis Prevention

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Whatever method you choose, you have to remember to research your ingredients thoroughly before you make a purchase. You have to know the properties of each ingredient so you can determine how it interacts with each other and with the minerals of your solution. It is important to buy a product that has been proven effective for the treatment of such microorganisms.CSI Defender provides a lot of information on different silver ionization therapies and the latest products available.


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