Wooden Sheds or Shipping Containers – What’s Better?
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On September 2, 2020

At times it becomes necessary to have some extra space where you can store equipment for short as well as long time. In such cases, building an outdoor storage shed seems like a convenient option. When it comes to outdoor storage, there are various options available. Traditionally, wooden sheds have occupied backyards, which then evolved to vinyl. Today, most people prefer shipping containers over wooden sheds.

Owing to their durability, cost-efficiency, and portability, storage containers have witnessed surging popularity over the last few years. While determining what type of shed to build, here are a few reasons why the option of shipping containers reigns supreme.

Cost Efficient:


source: mccontainers.com

It is important to break down costs while considering options, and shipping containers have proven to be the most cost-effective choice in various industries. Here’s why:

  • Since they are made of Corten steel, they’re low on maintenance, saving a reasonable amount of money on repairs, replacements, and perpetuation.
  • In addition, per sq. ft. cost of a container is much cheaper compared to a conventional shed. As per calculations, containers offer a cost-saving of $8.15 per sq. ft., acquiring more square footage than a standard shed.
  • The set-up cost is also inexpensive as the outer frame of the container is as-is. Whereas a shed is either pre-built or assembled on-site, both of which require more time, effort, and cost.



source: containertech.com

Shipping containers are unparalleled when it comes to durability. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, they are weatherproof, be it heavy rain, snow, humidity, or strong winds; they can stand the test of time.

On the contrary, strong wooden sheds, though able to stand up to weather, eventually absorb water and start to rot, weaken and resort to structural deterioration. Over the years, wooden sheds can slowly grow molds and cracks and collapse.



source: porttechnology.org

For those who are regularly on the go, shipping containers are a viable option! Being mobile, shipping containers can be easily transported from one location to another. One of the benefits that they offer is that this storage space doubles as a transport container, thereby becoming an all-in-one moving and storage solution. This feasibility isn’t available with a rooted wooden shed, it would require disassembling and assembling again, or you may have to simply leave it behind.

Critter free:


source: kuebix.com

Wooden sheds are an inviting home to rodents, insects, and other critters. A tiny hole in the wood or a lean space in the door is big enough for a mouse to squeeze in through. Once in, the shed is their playground to be destructive to materials, nibbling through wires, setting up shop in compartments, and hard-to-reach spaces. This increases material repair costs. Conversely, shipping containers are rodent and insect-proof. They have strong gasket doors that form a seal, preventing trespassing by any unwanted critters.



source: modugo.com

The chances of a wooden shed remaining secure are pretty slim compared to a shipping container. Even with the best locks in place, it is easy to bust into a shed. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are made of 14-gauge steel and come with high-security lockboxes that are very hard to break into. Therefore, a container is a much safer place to store all your material, equipment, important documents, or possessions.

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source: clevelandcontainers.co.uk

One of the biggest advantages of a shipping container is the massive storage capacity it possesses. Thanks to their strength and size, they are able to support and load even heavy-duty equipment and machinery. From lawnmowers to tractors, everything can seamlessly fit into this behemoth! Sheds don’t really have the capacity to store or organize such heavy items.

Minimal Assembly:

A container is an economical, readily available storage option. Once brought to the location, a container just needs to be placed at the designated spot. There is no hassle, time, or cost involved for the assembling. Once placed, the interiors of the container can be customized according to your requirements, and it will be ready to use. On the other hand, building a shed would take days to buy the materials, transport them, assemble them, and then build from the ground up to complete the project.

Rental Option:


source: businessfirstfamily.com

One of the unique advantages of having a shipping container as a storage unit is the feasibility of renting it. Unlike storage sheds, shipping containers can be rented, offering the same benefits while being out of your way, by retaining the option of short- or long-term usage.

While shipping containers have multiple benefits, wooden sheds have their own scoring points in terms of –


There are different sizes of the shipping containers available in the market. The size works as an advantage as well as a disadvantage to containers. Being massive in size, containers are hard to transport to remote locations or on narrow roads. Apart from this, they may look space-consuming in a small garden or backyard.

Wooden sheds can be planned and built to the required size and storage, and materials can be easily acquired and transported to the said location.

Easy modifications:


source: cleveland.com

Wooden sheds are easy to modify based on your need. You can easily extend your storage space if required in the future. Windows and doors can be added without too much hassle. On the other hand, to make changes to a container, heavy-duty power tools are required.

Style and look:

For those looking at earthy, rustic aesthetics or a conventional landscape, wooden sheds add elegance to the backyard. The choice of designs and styles increases dramatically, making the surrounding attractive and transforming the entire ambiance of the garden or backyard. A container, on the contrary, has a fixed industrial look. But, with architectural creativity at its best these days, containers are being transformed into captivating, expressive structures, customized to the required specifications. 

The better option boils down to your specific requirements. Visually and aesthetically, a wooden shed would be more appealing, but in terms of functionality, affordability, strength, and durability, a container is a superior option. So, ‘shed’ your doubts and get on board!

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