What Makes Concrete An Excellent Building Material?
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On February 17, 2023

For centuries concrete has remained one of the most famous and trusted building materials. This material is strong, durable, and versatile. For these reasons, you can find this material everywhere. Concrete can be used in residential and business buildings, roads, and driveways.

Concrete is made of cement, sand, gravel, water, and air. In most cases, contractors follow the 10-20-30-40 rule when creating concrete. The rules are 10% cement, 20% air plus water, 30% sand, and 40% gravel. However, not all concrete is made adhering to the rule. The percentage of the material used depends on material quality, where the concrete is used, and the strength required.

Due to the materials used to develop concrete, the result is a robust and durable building material. Concrete is considered an excellent building material for these and other reasons. If you’re still wondering why concrete is an ideal construction material, here are some compelling reasons:

Its Strength Increases With Time

Excellent Building Material

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As stated, concrete is made of cement, gravel, and water. When combined, these materials form a firm mixture that becomes even more robust as it dries. Additionally, poured concrete has an inherent component that increases its strength with time. Despite the weather, concrete continues to harden day in and day out.


Unlike other construction materials like timber, the chances of concrete catching fire are low. It also resists natural calamities and is unlikely to tear often. Again, its strength makes it unlikely to experience cracks and damages that can interfere with its integrity. That said, concrete has a more extended lifespan. 

Concrete durability makes it a long-lasting building material. To maximize its durability, consider working with professional concrete contractors Albuquerque or in your local area. These professionals are experts in mixing concrete ingredients correctly and are appropriately cured to ensure it’s solid and durable.

Promotes Safety

Excellent Building Material

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Concrete doesn’t threaten the safety of building occupants, as it doesn’t produce a toxic smell and is unlikely to burn quickly. Additionally, it doesn’t feed mold. Nevertheless, suppose concrete experiences high moisture and mildew grows on it. It doesn’t multiply quickly; hence you can easily remove it before it poses a health hazard. For these reasons, this building material is among those that provide unbeatable indoor air quality. 

Furthermore, due to its strength, concrete keeps occupants safe from natural calamities. It doesn’t crack easily; hence chances of collapsing are low, especially if the proportions are correct and it has been mixed and cured correctly. Additionally, its solid nature and thermal mass benefits provide excellent protection against outdoor temperature variation. As a result, building occupants enjoy a consistent room temperature throughout the year.


Concrete continues to prove its versatility over and over again. It can be used on roads, driveways, walls, concrete floors, garages, highways, and patios. Besides that, it can be mixed in various ways to generate particular strength. It can also be modified into different shapes and sizes to meet multiple needs.

Requires Low Maintenance

Excellent Building Material

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One thing that makes concrete an excellent building material is its low maintenance. Unlike wood or steel, which may require retreatment or repainting, concrete simply needs to be cleaned at least once a year. With such a low maintenance requirement, concrete can serve you for a prolonged period without worrying about extensive repairs and maintenance.


Compared to alternatives, concrete is more cost-effective. For instance, timber, steel, and polymers are aesthetically appealing but costly. Besides these materials being expensive, they also require additional reinforcements to make them fire-resistant, which adds up to maintenance and disaster-proofing costs. However, with concrete, you don’t need to worry about disasters like fires since it doesn’t burn easily. This material also doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other building materials. This makes concrete an excellent and cost-efficient building material.

Environmentally Friendly

Excellent Building Material

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Currently, many people are looking forward to positively impacting the environment. Builders and contractors are also yearning for the same. For this reason, they prefer using a building material like concrete since it doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Concrete is produced with locally available materials. It also lasts long and is recyclable. After a building is demolished, the construction waste is returned to the recycler or used as a subbase material.


The above-mentioned are just a few reasons that make concrete an excellent building material. Concrete comes with lots of goodness; no wonder you’re likely to find it everywhere. That said, consider concrete if you’re looking forward to a building with a robust, durable, versatile, and environmentally friendly material.

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