Best Tips for Renters to Gain Maximum Flexibility in the House
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On January 1, 2021


It is not simple to locate sufficient storage capacity for all of the stuff you own in a home. Whenever this home appears to be a leased one, it gets all the more complicated. But this does not have to imply leasing a living room not to make the room feel like home!

9 best storage ideas for renters

Used boxes

storage ideas for renters


A clear set of coordinating boxes could be a very sleek and modern approach to your storage problem in the corner of the room. Whatever medium fits your aesthetics and expenditure, you can use plastic, cardboard, wicker or metal. And straight, affordable cardboard file cabinets will look amazing in the corner of a bedroom or office, piled messily.

Use temporary hooks

For dwellings with insufficient storage, semi-permanent handles are a must-have. The safest choice is already over hooks, because they are not sealed with glue, and from them, you can hang jackets, bathrobes and storage organizers. Flexible adhesive loops is a secure option. You can stick them wherever you want, even if you are going to have to measure them first on the walls to make sure they are easily removable or not.

Choose an open pantry

storage ideas for renters


If your new kitchen does not have a pantry, there is no reason to worry, since a bookcase makes for an ideal substitute. To add rustic appeal, you should store all of your dry kitchen products neatly in barrels, and organize plates and cups in messy piles. Two more ways to minimize clutter in the kitchen are metallic stripes for knives and hanging hooks for saucepans and pots.

Make use of containers and suitcases

Tubs will enable a better understanding of the spare room in the house that you have. For additional under-the-bed storage, large plastic containers on wheels are great; smaller trays for arranging tiny surface areas such as dressing tables and desks.

Often, suitcases and huge bags are useful for carrying things that you do not have to open every day. So, store your unused items in a bag to reduce clutter. 

Trunks and chests are also an ideal option

storage ideas for renters


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Trunks and cabinets are perfect for holding additional bedding, and it can even act as a coffee table if you buy one with a flat top. It is yet another storage solution which works perfectly for regular movers. You can only pick the luggage away and move; you do not have to pack it.

Compact shelving – An affordable option

An ideal method of constructing a provisional shelf is to stack aluminum, wooden or plastic boxes on their ends. If you travel regularly, it is a smart idea to have boxes with lids, since you can push the lid on and transfer your things without needing to pack something. As they can act as bookcases, shoe racks, or a place for jewels, compact shelving devices are also useful.

Portable wardrobe

If it seems like you are likely to be leasing for the near future, having a moveable closet may be a smart option. If the next home you settle into has adequate closet space, it can offer you a place to gather your clothes, acting as a pantry or tv cabinet. Based on your spending, you may scrimp or spend a bit. Timber wardrobes can be more pricey, and at a fraction of the price, you can get zip-up cloth models.

Make an inexpensive rack

storage ideas for renters


Purchase from a hardware store some cheap pieces of wood and use your books’ piles to hold it up and make a shelf. As you are using an object that has to be processed to support other things, it is also an outstanding space saver. For those with large libraries, it is a great option.

Storage bed

The bed has a full floor area, so it brings this critical unit to use with built-in storage. Hydraulic beds, box beds, and beds with storage boxes are the various storage beds suitable for holding seasonal clothes, extra pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, etc.

Another way of creating a room under the bed is to lift the mattress to build a framework that includes different-sized drawers, with a few strategies to improve the bedsheet.