27 Best Project Storage Ideas to Declutter Your House
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On December 26, 2020


There are far too many crowded spaces to quantify in most homes—desk storage boxes, restroom worktops, kitchen cupboards, and crowded bookcases just for starters—all of which a small company could use. Would you ever worry if in celebrity magazines those easy-sounding organizational tips ever really work in the real world? Ah, we do not know, but the ones we are proposing here indeed do!

Here are some fun tips to reduce disorder and render your home improvement like you have been reading straight from one of those publications!

Magazine rack

project storage

source: wayfair.com

From that are used for sweets, to sheets for baking muffins, it is simple to gather various baking trays. That being said, it’s just not that easy to bring them all up when storage is a problem. With a traditional rusty magazine shelf, you can eventually put those things up for the show in the restaurant by maintaining them all covered. It guarantees that they sit on the shelf to take you out if you need one.

Hanging wall organizer

It would be best if you placed this straight on the side of your fridge to create more space in a compact kitchen, perfect for the kitchen due to its magnetic capability. It is crafted of eco-friendly woods and iron, and there are flexible parts on edge, such as handles, a table, and a paper towel rack so that you can put several things on it.

DIY trash bin

The garbage can become more noticeable in a tiny bedroom, so this double bin trash can is a perfect way to conceal it straight out in the middle. The bin looks from the exterior, just like every other container. You will customize it by selecting from six specific components for doors and some six different hardware materials.

Section shelving

project storage

source: walmartimages.com

With this enticing closet storage cabinetry device, a great way to extend your closet room is. There are four large cubby holes and a metallic garment rod beneath, so that folded and dangling things can be placed in one position. To support precise mounting on a wardrobe frame, it has three chrome lines on three brackets.

Shower hangings

A restroom is a location where you can instantly sprint out from the space, so a reliable wash caddy can immediately come in handy, mainly if more than one person uses it. This one has eight cabinets and four loops to hang on to various shower items. Even the racks have a wireframe, so water spills down quickly.

Metal plate rack

Not only is the metal backplate rack lightweight, so it can work when space is small on a countertop, but it also has a fabulous retro look to bring some charm to your kitchen. It has such a persuasive nature that it is flexible with what you can place on it, such as cutting boards, plates, and other kitchen products.

Cutting board shelf

project storage

source: amazon.com

A perfect way of making more space in your kitchen while offering it a unique, elegant element is this cutting board shelf rack. It is also multi-purpose since it has space to hang towels on kitchen appliances or even store them. It has a reasonable weight-bearing capability built from a high-quality metal alloy, and it is constructed to hold vertically or horizontally by the way.

Aesthetic dish drain rack

This fantastic dish rack rests above the sink, enabling the cleaned dishes to deplete back into the sink quickly so that no clean-up is needed. It is made of stainless steel to accommodate multiple different meals in a sturdy frame, and this content is also designed to keep the racks rust-free. It is also possible to fit multiple drains in a variety of measurements.

Mounted Bathroom cabinet

With this multi-tiered cabinets planner, maximize the organization in your bathroom or maybe your laundry room or bedroom. It can be placed on a wall or a fence, and a range of products can be contained in five complete chambers. Thanks to the cabinet’s transparency, you can quickly discover and accomplish what you are searching for.

Under bed storage

Accessible in a 3-pack, thanks to the connected tires, these under bed storage bins are convenient to pass out and in as required. Eight wheels move well, and there are single handles that are easy to pull on. It can match diverse objects, from clothing to shoes. You can accommodate roughly four underneath a twin-size bed with the big size, and eight under double-size, queen, or king beds.

Storage shelving unit

project storage

source: wayfair.com

This accessible shelving unit has docking cleats that fit well with three rolled-up towels made of recycled woods. You could use the remainder of the room to store other things for display purposes, such as toilet paper rolls, or you can also use the top area. You may use a single primary and secondary combination of colors which suits your particular décor.

Corner bathroom cabinet

This freestanding corners storage cabinet is a perfect way to restructure a bathroom that requires a wardrobe or is smaller in size. It is small enough to accommodate without losing storage space in a tight location. As a toilet paper keeper, there is a top pocket that is perfect. In the meantime, for extra room, there is a 2-tier bottom configuration. It also has a product that is durable and moisture-proof.

Under stair storage

With a pull-out clothing rack and pull-out cabinetry, the space underneath your stairs will become an additional closet space. A renovator can quickly build this added space with you while retaining the stairs’ structural stability. It would help if you turned the storage closet into shelf space when you transfer jackets, boots, and shoes into this current storage capacity.

Under the bed storage

Under the bed, the room may become more than just a place for dust bunnies to expand. In all areas of the house, building bookcases underneath the bed will remove hundreds of paper. The books are going to be arranged and more comfortable to search. Besides, to discourage any other dust bunnies from developing, the room under the bed would be blocked off.

Wall mounted Jar shelf 

project storage

source: makespace.com

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This shelving unit, consuming sufficient functionality on the wall, houses the necessities for the morning coffee or a tea break. Coasters and coffee cups are kept on the top shelf. Some pots, such as coffee, tea, and sugar, installed under the shelf carry necessities. More containers are hanging from the edge. A woodsy look is brought to your kitchens by this wooden cabinet.

Underneath kitchen cabinets

By adding drawers, space underneath your kitchen cabinets can be converted into storage capacity. You could do it yourself if you are smart, or you can employ a worker. That doesn’t seem like a lot of room at the first glimpse. Even then, in these filing cabinets, you can store kitchen linens, cutting boards, baking papers, pizza plates, muffin cartons, as well as other larger pieces.

Sofa project storage ideas

A slim table behind the sofa can add both aesthetic and storage space. It is possible to put candles, a clock, images, keychains, and flowers on the table. Decorative lighting free up the floor space occupied for fluorescent fixtures to eliminate wall light holes in the walls. Books may be held on the shelf, a small box for small objects, and the control.

Hanging storage space

project storage

source: makespace.com

Including dangling shelves enables more open storage of items without piling. To get everything else in the closet, piling items means that you have to push the layer on top to get it to the things on the floor. The things that will be stored carry such dangling racks. So, it is simpler to view the things that will be on edge.

Rolling rack

It is not possible to mount spices. So, on even attic shelves or in a spice rack that currently takes small spaces, they probably wind up dispersed. This rotating spice rack, nevertheless, utilizes two positive aspects for space formation. Second, it turns excess space into inventory, and then allows the ingredients to be processed sideways.

Hooks at the entryway

When you explain to visitors that these low-mounted racks are for boots, not doggie sweaters in your entrance space, they will want one. Shoes often need to be discarded to protect the house from being monitored. It is a simple way to discourage anyone from stumbling over these sneakers and avoid the entrance hall’s cluttering.

Wire shelving

To render pans more available, individual wire shelves attach the storage space feature. There are pans lined, providing a lot of room above them. Even so, to get through to the pan you like, individual pans typically have to be disabled. These shelves take advantage of the increased diagonal spare space in the closet and divide the pans such that the pan you need can just be taken out.

Attractive ceiling storage

Cabinetry can add storage, but adding decorative objects could also be a spot, even having a central focus in your home decor. It is not difficult to create this floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and can be personalized to match your décor. You may find plenty of wall paneling options that will complement your furniture if you are not handy.

Pantry door

project storage

source: amazon.com

Specific containers are thin, but spices can take up shelf space. So, it is excellent to find space whereby ingredients can be processed sideways. A perfect alternative is to build cabinetry on the back of the utensil drawer for spices. Room was provided for grain storage items and the spices, and containers were built for potatoes and onions.

DIY storage space

This innovative concept incorporates the bathroom with elegant cabinets. This storage design makes it an innovative central focus in the space by adding hat bins to the walls and storing toilet cloth and folded towels. On the hat cabinets somewhere else in the toilet, you could use the colors and the patterns.

Restroom essentials storage idea

It is possible to buy this brilliant idea, or you might make your version. Continue with a tank top planner in which you can use to attach side organizers with planners. Next, determine what things for immediate access you want to be kept by the bathroom, such as toilet paper rolls. Then, for these things, buy or build storage holdings.

Folding table

project storage

source: outdoorinteriors.com

In places where space is at a premium, fold-down desks clear space available. That being said, when bent, they generally look like a panel on the wall. As the sculpture is applied to the tables’ underside and the bending limbs become a component of the picture, this table has become an optimistic main focus in the space.

Open wall storage space

It is possible to transform every unused closet space into a stylish space. Install wood in a position on a wall. To supplement your kitchen furniture, the wood may be polished or colored. Decide what things you would like to place next. Connect loops to display your objects where they will be desired artfully. For usability and decor, using the place to place your plates is perfect.


We have listed out the best project storage ideas to decorate the space in your house. Here, are some of the beautiful yet attractive DIY ideas which you can use to make-up some storage space in your home. 

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