How to Attractively Organize Open Shelves in the Kitchen
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On November 16, 2020


You all know that floating cabinets are quite Fascinating. There is even something we have not even revealed with various iterations of open cabinets in our Kitchen. As we love to mess around with those sorts of shelving, and it is no different in the area. We have posted a bunch about the styling of cabinets with what to do with them. There are so many factors, and it just relies on how you need to use them and how they could have to work in your Kitchen.

Whenever it comes to storing in the space, we could not overemphasize the built-in shelving value. Open cabinets are stylish, trendy, and most significantly, they help keep the Kitchen airy and expansive. However, it may not be easy to decide how to design your cabinets to be both functional and visually pleasing.

Smart organization of shelves in Kitchen

open shelf


As a basic guideline, place items that you often use on the lower shelf and things that you occasionally use on the top racks; it is a common-sense organization that makes a big difference whenever setting frames. It will help you have everything conveniently available and looking fantastic.

Placing Bigger items 

Save the little dishes and materials for storing within the cupboard. If you place many other tiny things out on open racks, they appear to mix and begin to look pretty unorganized. Larger pans, panels and small appliances are more comfortable to keep and would not get dirty too quickly.

Don’t go for different colors

Take a glance at a few of the better open shelves styles, and you will find that group plates appear to be the other color and pattern. If your open shelving looks messy, the explanation may be that you’re attempting to organize several colors and designs all together in the same place, but it does not fit.  It could be a perfect necessity to get rid of all those old appliances and purchase a better collection of the same color and pattern, making it much simpler to see.

Contrast accordingly

open shelf


Today’s stylish open kitchen cabinets integrate the wall color of the backdrop in the build. Color coordinated or contrasting colors can add eye-catching enthusiasm to a room.  If the shelf or dish colors conflict with your walls, it might look hideous, no care how you want to arrange it.

Showcase your sophisticated appliances. 

If you have got nothing but elegant cups and bowls or anything beautiful on your shelf, feel about combining them a bit. Open shelving is a perfect place to store wood plank bowls and utensils. Alternative materials will also give the shelving a more resourceful, structured appearance when handled correctly.

Different sections for distinct purposes 

Let us presume you have got some junk on your open kitchen cabinets, but you can not get rid of it. A possible alternative is to divide the  cabinets into parts. Hold one portion for all your plates, for instance, when using another area to hold other wooden products, and so on. When done right, this will turn the mess into a relaxed stylish look suitable for smaller kitchens.

Don’t store perishable items on open shelves 

Food products are also likely to crowd open cabinets, so it is safer to have them packed somewhere. Get the side table rather than just placing the spice on the shelves. Place the packets and crates back in the storeroom. Hold the fruit in a cup of your own. There are variations, of course: a lovely tea tin or a selection of similar packages for nuts, flour, baking soda, etc. can look good on open shelves, although some preparation may occur.

Opt for singular racks

open shelf


It is convenient to pack several columns of packed dishes in shallow drawers, and it’s almost difficult to do so on narrower built-in shelving — and it is going to have to look like chaos if you attempt. Keep your row single for open kitchen cabinets, and stack upward for a much tidier and ordered look.

Displaying of stylish crockery 

Closed cabinets can hold almost anything, including unattractive items, but open racks are built for both storage and show. Looking at the arranged kitchen cabinetry, you can see a considerable amount of attention devoted to the show element. 

Stop piling all in cramped rows, arrange the shelf pieces for a more aesthetically attractive look. If you notice that you have more items than you can fit into this current large-shelf scheme, it is time to empty your cupboards and pantry and get rid of stuff you do not need.

Add a spark of greenery

Everything breathes new life into a spot like a bit of vegetation. Placing a few plants will turn your overall room, adding textures and a splash of color to your Kitchen. Think by introducing plants that are physically enticing as a delectable, for example. You should even incorporate flower arrangements to spice up the attractiveness, not to include a sweet scent!

Dust and grease

Dust and dirt are the key complaints about exposed cabinets in the Kitchen. If this leads you to think about, or you prefer to roast in a manner that produces a lot of greases, open shelves aren’t there for you, well, that’s just perfect. But for those with only a slight amount of dust fear who wish to give it a whirl, this might be an ideal plan. When the dishwasher is loaded and working, the shelves will be clean, and you can easily scrub them off or strike it with the handheld devices.

Wonderful white 

open shelf


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This design is so basic that it is appealing to name it “Open Shelf Layout for Dummies.” It is the simplest way to make all types of items appear coherent and unadorned. Probability is, if you are an all-white Chinese daily kind of individual, you are a fine choice for open shelves.

Magic of clear glasses.  It is yet another quick way to have a coherent look. In this cottage kitchen, the formerly-dark and moderately-sized space were converted by white paint and floating shelves. A bonus for showing transparent glass is that it absorbs light and renders the room much more transparent and brighter, enhancing the look of lights and spark of lights. 

Make it artistic

If you have rooms, curl several pieces of art out of the most useful objects. It is a means of injecting more of your very own individuality into a digital scrapbook. Including a little vase of vegetation or flowers gives individual beauty and charm to the still life mostly on the shelf.

Proper Grouping

Gathering related objects together provide focus — and therefore allows for the effective use of products. For example, put all your cups together. Or arrange it by tone. If you’ve a lot of unorganized products, consider organizing the cabinets by intent. E.g., keep all of your cookbooks in one place and all of your chai-time habits in the other. 

You also can stack a hood with related items, say, bakery tools, in a basket on the shelf. The basket takes the visual clutter out of reach while maintaining things you are going to use intact at the same time.

Corner shelving

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It is quick enough to push open shelving all along the wall and end this at the edge. Instead, try building the right angle and make use of the area in the center. Because most parts are relatively shielded from view, use this room for microwave ovens and some less desirable kitchen tools.

Little goes a long way

Many people think that when they add open shelves to their Kitchen, they have to add lots of shelves. IT is not the case. A few smaller racks, which take up some unit space, would significantly affect the area. This concept fits well with those that want an open shelving style but are less dedicated to organizing and designing them goes a long way. 

Opt for an affordable option 

The best way to redesign your Kitchen without heading through a full remodeling is to eliminate the cabinet’s windows. To create something of a wow-factor, try painting the inside of your shelves in a distinct huge an affordable option. 

Coffee bar

open shelf


If you wake up each morning and you’ll need a cup of coffee, think of utilizing open shelving to construct a coffee bar in your Kitchen. This project may be as necessary as installing a few shelves just above the coffee maker and a few cups and glasses for the complete and elegant look. 


Open cabinets are an easy way to introduce your Kitchen while allowing storage capacity more available, rendering them a too prevalent feature in modern homes. However, preferring floating shelves rather than just closed boxes makes it increasingly challenging to store dishes and other items out of reach easily.

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