Best Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen to Accessorize It Well
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On March 9, 2021


Kitchens are often referred to as the “heart” of the house. In your Kitchen, there’s so many great things that are happening, as well as so many exquisite cutlery and dinnerware. The only concern is that these valuables must be kept locked behind closed doors, out of reach and, unfortunately, out of view. Here is where open kitchen shelves come in handy.

Mixing upper cabinets and replacing them with shelves is among the best and most cost-effective ways to upgrade your Kitchen. These kitchen cabling ideas will point you on the right path if you prepare the budget for a full-scale renovation or just a small redesign.

Hanging storage for open shelves

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen


In some instances, open shelving wraps around a range hood from both sides, providing an asymmetrical and composed appearance. Consider replacing some open shelving with hanging processing to add variety to your kitchen processing.

Add wooden shelves for a rustic appearance

In a farmhouse-style kitchen, floating cabinets are sometimes constructed of stained or recycled wood, which looks good in almost any room. But what if your personal style is a little more quirky or diverse?

Live-edge cabinets are slabs of wood with some of the bark still evident, giving your kitchen a more rustic feel. Even though they are more costly than regular wood shelving, they would become a respectable statement item in your Kitchen.

Don’t insert the cabinet doors for a stylish look

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen


Taking the kitchen cabinet doors is the best way to redesign the Kitchen without needing to do a full renovation. Start painting the inside of your shelves a new hue to add further wow-factor.

Revamp your open shelves

The design is probably the most exciting and demanding feature of open shelving. Styling gets more straightforward and more fun once you grasp how things fit correctly.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

  • For a more seamless look, keep your color scheme plain.
  • Using various textures of houseplants to add some greenery.
  • Assemble objects into three-item clusters.
  • Please ensure there is a variety of levels so the eye can follow the length of the rack.

Build open shelving above the basin 

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen


 A smaller cabinet is typically positioned above the drain in most typical kitchen design. Drop the cabinet and replace it with a pair of well-placed shelves to give the space a more spacious feel. It is a perfect place to store dish soaps and other things that do not like being subjected to the sink’s moisture. Many houseplants will prosper in this setting.

Make a coffee bar with shelves

If you’d like a cup of coffee every day, consider making a coffee bar in your Kitchen with built-in shelving. This plan can be as easy as placing a few shelves above the coffee maker or as complicated as the setup seen here.

Adorn the edges of your Kitchen with open shelves

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen


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It is simple to run open shelving the length of a wall and then stop at the end. Instead, try forming a right angle and using the available corner space. Use this room for microwaves and some less desirable kitchen appliances, so most edges are generally shielded from sight.

Keep it minimal and subtle

Many people believe that to integrate open shelving into their Kitchen, they must install many shelves. It doesn’t seem right. A pair of smaller cabinets that take up the same amount of space as one cabinet would significantly affect. This solution is ideal for those who want the appearance of open shelving without the hassle of sweeping and designing it.

Add up open shelving for a pantry

This approach is perfect if you’ve an extra wall in your Kitchen but no pantry. When open shelving is just partly about architecture and all about purpose, it functions best. This plan will help you maintain a more balanced pantry, and the increased exposure will allow you to see just how many dry goods you have leftover.

Open shelves are easy to style

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen


One of the best things about using open kitchen shelves instead of cabinets is that you have a lot more control over each frame’s height, design, and capacity. Another apparent plus is that you can adorn your favorite succulent or work of art on the extra wall space. They are practical, but they still allow for some innovation.

Mounted styling shelves

Beautiful black iron braces support these large shelves. Deciding this alternative provides you with substantial rack stability while still adding an attractive, elegant element. This choice is ideal for homes with a retro feel, and it can be blended with various wood or iron shades to fit your decor.

Farmhouse-style shelving 

Placed over a buffet or counter stools, these shelves adopt the farmhouse design and have plenty of space while taking up very little room. These shelves can contain anything and add more feet to your space and decoration area, even though you want to use the footstool to get it to the top shelf.

Shelving on a bare wall

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen


Everyone can appreciate the elegance of a very well structured pantry. With these clear and clean racks, you will be encouraged to make a convenient and organized room for yourself. This method, which extends from the floor to the ceiling, helps you store anything from cereal to dinner plates. Just remember to bring your similarly cute step stool for entry to the top shelf.

Cute yet elegant shelves

These raw and slender white flat cabinets are an excellent option for the Kitchen. Bright finishes always lighten up a room, and putting cabinets in this colour will offer anything you put on the new life. The use of the traditionally curled iron supports adds interest while also providing structural integrity.

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