Shower Filters: All You Need to Know About That
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On November 13, 2020

We know how polluted the air and water bodies are. Hence Getting Hard water at home is not something new to many people but what is consistent is the harm caused by it. Your skin, hair and everything gets affected badly. It masks the shine of your hair and potentially contains harmful minerals. It might not affect you at once buy gradually with time it will have an adverse effect and hence the wise thing to do is to get a shower filter. It will not only purify your water making hard water soft but also help to remove pesticides and harmful metals that you would never want anywhere near your skin or hair.

I would like to name some shower filters to make your search easier :

Pure 7 Filtered Shower Head

Filtered Shower


There are many shower filters available in the market but what makes  Pure 7 stand out from the crowd is the amazing filter system. Its extraordinary filter is different from a lot of the standard shower filters as it offers the softening of water,  it helps in the removal of sediments and reduces harmful contents such as chlorine. After the water gets filtered from this one can stop thinking about its impact on their skin as it guarantees that the water is soft and free from any harmful content. Additionally, they also give a supplementary filter free of cost, with each filter lasting almost 6 months. No doubt, It’s a great deal as this shower filter is rated highest for its overall performance.

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Aqua Eva 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C For Hard Water

Filtered Shower


A coconut shell activated carbon filter is used by this company Aquasana and this removes and reduces detrimental minerals, pesticides and metals that nobody wants anywhere near their skin or hair. We found this prototype to be exceptionally easy to install, it took only a couple of minutes and the best part is you don’t need an engineering degree to replace the existing showerhead, yeah it is that easy.

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

Filtered Shower


Now we have the Aqua Eva on our list. This one highlights using Vitamin C as a shower filter for hard water in households. The tremendous benefit for anyone who selects this model is its simple installation and strong water pressure, that ensures you won’t be frustrated after setting it up. As there won’t be any trickle of water scene created.

Well, there was one drawback that we would like to bring to your notice and that is despite being great at removing chlorine from water, it seems somewhat lesser effective for removal of other harmful, Hence resulting in not being able to soften the water a great deal. So this one consists of a mixture of both good and slightly bad qualities but because of its great water pressure and chlorine removal, we still believe you can consider this one once.

As we can see the primary requirement is the softening of water so that our skin and hair remain safe from all the toxic substance. And hopefully, above shower filters will help solve your problems

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