Furniture Looks Old? Here’s How To Make Like New Again
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On July 21, 2020

Everyone has a favourite corner or space in their home, which is filled with unique decorative items, furniture, curtains, and so on. As time flies, we need to revamp all the things present. In some instances, revamping can be tedious if the best choice is not found. Furniture is one of the high priced possession people have in their homes. There are many ways available to refurbish our old furniture. Blindly saying, a list of activities can be easily taken from the internet if we spend some quality research time on it. But we are here to save your time; in this article, we have discussed one of the easiest and simplest methods to revamp your furniture at The Architecture Designs.

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Here we are going to spray paint your furniture, the best and efficient way to save your money and effort. This method can bring you complete transformation. The spray paint dries out quickly and gives the satin finish to the furniture. The traditional painting method is time-consuming, and it takes a lot of effort to complete it. But with spray paint, all the works become ease, and with a little investment, we can obtain the fantastic output. Here we will see a small tutorial to spray paint your furniture and create the antique look using the distressing technique.

Choosing the spray paint

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Selecting a colour can be a fun activity. Here you can play with colours, choose a colour that complements your wall paint or your carpet. It makes your furniture standout from other. But while choosing the spray paint, we have to look at specific characteristics to obtain the perfect results efficiently. If the solid particles present in the paint is of a higher percentage, then the performance of the paint will also be higher than the usual.

We are going to spray paint thee furniture with our hands, so comfort is also an essential factor. The exterior needs to be designed ergonomically. Above all, it should be cost-effective. And it should provide full coverage on the objects using few passes. You can also select the best paint sprayers for furniture by clicking this link.

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Supplies required

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So now, if you have decided to spray paint your furniture, then you will be in need of some supplies to get the accurate results.

  • A spray paint primer is used to get the original colour of the paint. Choose grey if you are going with dark colours and white if you are choosing light colours.
  • Spray paint of your choice
  • A glaze, preferably in brown shade
  • Sander
  • Sand Paper
  • Rugs

Let us begin

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So first of all, disassemble the furniture if it has any pats like drawers and so on. Then wipe the entire furniture to remove the dirt from it. To obtain the matte finish, sanding is the best way. By doing so, we can smooth out the imperfections of the furniture. Then with the help of a damp cloth, clean the entire piece of furniture.

To prevent it from dripping, invert it and start painting the base. Once the base coat gets completed, let it dry. Then by using the spray paint of your choice, repeat the same process, spray paint the entire furniture without missing out any nook and corner of the furniture. Let it dry for an hour before starting our next operation.

By using a sandpaper, smooth out the edges. Then dip the rag on your glaze and start applying on the dried coat of spray paint using a circular motion. Using a cloth, remove the glaze as much as you need the tint to be on the furniture. After doing so, you will have an antique piece of furniture in your home without spending a penny from your pocket.

Final thoughts

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Reusing the possible things with minimum resources is known as an act of cleverness. So if you have any old furniture with you, then by using some affordable spray paint, you can create a whole new look to them. A good spray paint, a piece of old furniture, a glaze, and some patience is that all it takes to create a beautiful masterpiece in the most affordable way.


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