Ultimate Guide to Increase the Life of Your Diesel Generator
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On July 21, 2020

A diesel generator provides a support system for all oil and gas-related activities. It acts as a continuous source of power and electric supply for drilling, pumping, and loading. Portable diesel generators can supply the electricity for your needs and convenience anywhere you want!

The diesel generators provide you electricity in emergency cases when there are power cuts or no connection with the power grid. They have various uses in industrial, domestic, agricultural, constructional, commercial establishment.

One can barely take the chance to lose an efficiently working generator. To keep your generator functional and operating with full potential at all times, it is essential to follow these steps.

Make a Routine Inspection

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If you want to increase the durability of any equipment, it is necessary to make a routine inspection. It helps you figure out any technical problem and machinery error instantly. It can save you from the exhaustion and fatigue that you may have to face later due to an unnecessary delay. The function of a diesel generator is highly dependent on the steady working of the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system, and engine. Hence, they require close monitoring for any oil leaks or any contamination of engine oil.

Timely Service Is an Obligation



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Mostly, the failure of devices and machinery occurs due to the lack of proper service of the machine. In the case of a diesel generator, you should take it as an obligation. For the smooth running of a generator, one must carry out the service checks every six months or 400 hours of running. Service contracts are much cheaper than the cost that you may have to spend on the repairs of your machinery. During a pre-existing crisis, if you go to the site, and encounter halted operations due to the collapse of generators, then issues get exaggerated on the whole. Generators should be periodically servicing to have a longer life, better performance, and sustenance.

Lubrication Service



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As water is essential for living beings, ‘oil’ has the same paramount place in a generator’s life. The quantity and quality of engine oil determine the consistent functioning of a diesel generator. While shutting down the generator, you can monitor the engine oil level by using a dipstick. Make sure to keep the level of oil up to the mark by adding more oil. Always use the Mobil oil of the same company or brand. It prevents the contamination of oil and ensures the stability of the generator.

The oil filter and engine oil require changing on approved instances. Make sure to check from the engine’s manufacturers to buy the most suitable oil and filter for your generator. Besides, follow proper guidelines about the draining of oil to protect an environmental hazard.

Be Watchful While Operating Your Generator

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While operating your generator, you should take care of a few things. Firstly, never refuel your generator when it is hot. Let your generator cool down first to avoid any sparking of the gasoline fire. It prevents any detrimental and dangerous accident that may result and harm both you and the machinery. Secondly, avoid running your generator dry often. The overdrawing on power can have adverse effects on the engine. Check and follow the wattage requirements carefully. Thirdly, keep your batteries supercharged if you have an electric starting generator.

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Examine the Fuel System



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The fuel system of a generator is compact in a design in a highly specific manner. This design serves as the baseline for the operation and use of a generator.

Diesel is subject to corrosion and contamination within one year. It is crucial to use the stored-up diesel at every cost during this time. If the fuel remains, then the regular fuel testing, polishing, and draining methods must be adapted. The fuel should be changed every 3 to 6 months. The fuel filters should be timely consuming at a specified time.

Battery Assessment



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Uncharged and drained out batteries are a common cause of standby power system failure. So, they must stay powered up at all times to avoid any issues in the power generation. They must be well-maintained through proper cleaning and running several tests.

Running Tests



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Only checking the output voltage of the batteries is not sufficient to give the green signal. As the battery plates become old, their tendency to maintain a regular flow of current wears off by increased resistance value. So, the testing must carry under load conditions. In some generators, this test brings automatically, whereas, in others, this test takes the manual route.

Cleaning Batteries


It is advisable to keep the batteries clean perpetually. Whenever dust appears, wipe them with a damp cloth. If the battery terminals are eaten away by oxidation, remove the cables and clean them with a battery cleaning solution. After putting the connections back, coat the terminals with petroleum jelly.

Beware of Wet Stacking!



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If the generator runs on a low fuel percentage such as less than 40% instead of 70%-80%, the engine produces smoke. It is because the injectors become carbonized; this phenomenon is wet stacking. The excessive carbon deposits can result in loss of engine performance because of building up of backpressure and reduced turbo efficiency. Wet stacking can have long term harmful effects if not imparted proper attention and care.

Avoiding wet stacking is an impetus to conserve expense and money, to protect the environment from pollution, to retrieve and rescue the power of a generator, to keep the maintenance cost of a generator budget-friendly.

Routine Engine Work-Out


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Make it a habit to conduct a routine engine exercise of your generator. The regular engine work-out not only helps in using up the left-over fuel but also aids in the uninterrupted kick-off of the generator. For this, you may run an engine exercise every month for 30 minutes.


By complying with these guidelines, you can increase the longevity of your diesel generator by all means. The most reliable equipment always demands the most dedicated and staunch care. Keep your generator working and clean. When you would motivate yourself to keep it in use and good form outside as well as inside, you would naturally care for its protection as well at the architecture designs.

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