10 Tips to Prevent Your Dog From Escaping the Yard
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On July 30, 2020

Most dogs enjoy being outside soaking up the sunshine and chasing their favorite ball. But what happens when they get bored and wander off from their property? Or see another animal or friendly face and bolts after them? These are risks you do not want to take. When dog-proofing your yard, consider these ten suggestions. Also you can make dog door in your screen door.

Add or adapt a fence


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You may already have a fenced-in yard. If not, check out illinoisfencecompany.com and schedule your consultation for a high-quality and affordable fence, one that is focused on keeping your dog safe and sound. If you have an existing fence, add an extension to the top of the fence as a deterrent to a jumping or climbing dog. The visual alone should keep them from trying to leap the fence and head out on an adventure.

Remove climbing aids


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Dogs are smart and, if they are inclined toward climbing or jumping, they will figure out that the planter in the back corner of the yard is an easy assist to get over the fence. Take a walk around your yard and remove anything that might act as a step to freedom for your dog.

Buy a coyote roller

A coyote roller is a metal pipe that mounts to the top of your fence. It is intended to keep predators out of your yard but is also beneficial in keeping your dogs in.

Add landscaping


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Replace the decorative planters and benches that your dog has been using as a springboard with some dense shrubs along the fence line. They will make it pretty hard for your dog to jump or climb over the fence and will also block them from seeing temptations in the outside world. Added benefit – it will make your yard look beautifully landscaped.

Install L-footer or Concrete footer

If your dog is a digger, extend your fence down instead of up by using an L-footer or a concrete footer. An L-footer is made of chicken wire or something similar and is an extension of the bottom of the fence. It can lay on top of the ground secured by rocks or can be buried if that is your preference.

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Secure your fence and gates


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Routinely check the lock on your gate and repair or replace as needed. Another option is to install a double gate either inside or outside of the current one. If someone accidentally leaves one gate open, the second will prevent your dog from heading out for a stroll in the neighborhood.

Block the view

Many dogs have a watchdog mentality or are easily distracted. Anything that goes on beyond the fence line might prompt them to bolt out of the yard. As we said earlier, dense shrubbery is a good way to block their view of the outside world as are other types of decorative fencing that can be hung on top of your current fence.

Get a puppy bumper

A puppy bumper, a collar stuffed with polyester fiberfill, is a great tool for keeping your small dog from climbing out through a hole in the fence.

Stay with your dog


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Dogs are social creatures and get bored or lonely when left alone too long. This leads them to look beyond the boundary for companionship and entertainment. If you can’t stay outside, check on them often. And make sure the yard is a comfortable and happy place including fresh water, toys and especially shade.

Use a GPS dog collar

Despite all your precautions, your dog might still find a way to get out of the yard. A WiFi-enabled GPS tracker will ensure that you will be able to locate and rescue your dog before anything serious happens.

Maybe your dog is not one to try to break free either by jumping, climbing, digging or simply following you out the gate. But why risk it when a few simple tweaks could ensure a happy and safe pup ideas at the Architecture Designs.

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