7 ways to protect your home from intruders
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On December 9, 2021

Many pertinent questions come to mind when looking to establish your home and a significant one is the ‘how to make your home safer’ question. With crime rates on a steady rise, you can not afford to leave your security to chance. This post brings to your notice home security measures that make you sleep that much more peacefully at night. 

Here are 7 tips at The Architecture Designs to protect yourself and your family at home

  1. Light it all up
  2. Lock up
  3. Install a safe at home
  4. No place to hide
  5. Always have your curtains down
  6. Join a neighborhood watch
  7. Install a security system

7 ways to protect your home from intruders

1.Light it all up

ways to protect your home from intruders

source: safewise.com

Protecting your home with security in mind starts by lighting your perimeter up. One surefire way to deter invaders from even considering your home. This is a trendy option because the correct choice and installation of lights serve as both a security and aesthetic feature. You can bail out on installing a home security system but can not afford not to light up your premises. 

2.Lock up

You are probably wondering why this is on here, but it would surprise you how many breaks-ins are actually walk-ins. Many people forget to lock the doors or forget about that one window that doesn’t do much but is part of the home. These slip-ups have dire consequences, and homeowners must remember to lock their doors and windows. 

3.Leave no place to hide

ways to protect your home from intruders

source: bobvila.com

You are not making your home safer by allowing the would-be criminal spots to hide for an opportunity to invade your home. And installing lights around your home is only the first step. It would help if you took time to trim vegetation around your building and avoid situating structures that might allow an intruder to lie in wait and to burgle your home potentially. 

4.Always have your curtains down

There is no justification for crime, but the last thing you want to do is entice criminals to visit your side of town. There are many ways you can achieve this, but drawing your curtains is the easiest. This way, loitering eyes can not look into your home, and it makes it near impossible for them to have any information that could convince them to or aid a break-in. 

5.Join a neighborhood watch

ways to protect your home from intruders

source: iii.org

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It is crucial to understand that you can not do it yourself. If you follow all these tips and your neighbors do not, you can put yourself and your home in danger. The solution is to join a neighborhood watch. This way, you can share this knowledge with your neighbors, and you also have the opportunity to learn from them. Asides from sharing knowledge, you have a community you can alert if you sense that things are amiss, and they also keep you in the loop of how things are security-wise on their end. Win-win if you asked me. 

6.Install a safe at home

If all your preventive steps fail, you want to make it more difficult for the burglar to cart away your goodies. Your best bet is to invest in a quality lockbox or safe big enough to hold all your valuables and yet easy enough to conceal at home. It would be best to favor heavier options or safes bolted to the ground to avoid the safe being carted away. The last thing is to ensure the key to the safe or passcode is far away from the safe, preferably off-site for the most security. 

7.Install a security system

ways to protect your home from intruders

source: thumbor.forbes.com

No article about securing your home would be complete without including a home security system. This is the most expensive consideration on this listicle, for a good reason. But what is a home security system? Simply put, a smart home security system is a series of security components that are connected to a control panel that alerts you when your security is breached. You have the option of choosing what these security components may be, and they range from security cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, etc. 

You also have the option of choosing between professionally monitored or self-monitored security systems. Professionally monitored systems mean a professional security team monitors your security feed while protecting your home with a self-automated security system means you are in charge. 

Security starts with you.

There is more to home security than all the above, and it starts with vigilance. You should be aware of what happens around you, and you should keep track of people that have access to your home. Do these and the above-listed tips, and your house just became Fort Knox. 

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