Why a Pellet Stove Is A Fantastic Addition to Your Winter Cottage
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On April 30, 2021

One of the latest home heating trends has been pellet stove installation, which has evolved from log burners. As technology has developed, there’ve been improvements not just as far as design is concerned, but also in terms of function and convenience. Here, we explore six reasons to consider investing in such stoves for your winter cottage:

They are cost-effective

pellet stove

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All of us want to try and save money on the expense of keeping our cottages warm, and this method of heating offers a cost-effective option since it uses the process of convection to send out heat. The price of the pellets is a lot less than you’d spend on electricity, gas, or oil and it offers a similar quantity of heat.

Pellet stoves are eco-friendly

Pellet stoves are the ideal heat source for the ones who are aware of their carbon footprint, as well as the environmental effect of using fossil fuels. Pellets used inside the stoves are designed of scrap wood, sawdust, and additional wood products which would be tossed out and which efficiently burn and generate limited amounts of ash and smoke. Pellets are a renewable fuel source and have less effect on the greenhouse impact than the fossil fuel counterparts.

Easy to maintain and install

pellet stove

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Because of their small size, pellet stoves are easy to install and the majority of cottages that have an existing flue system or chimney easily can accommodate one. When installed, they’ll require very little maintenance, as all you’ll need to do is fill the pellet hopper every couple of days then clean out the surrounding ashes a couple of times per week.

They provide warmth and comfort 

Pellet stoves may be little enough to warm up one room. Or they may be integrated as a part of a hot water system once fitted with a back boiler to bring you hot water and assist in heating the remainder of your cottage through your central heating system.

Convenient and safe

pellet stove

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The main benefit of pellet stoves is their safety since they pose basically no fire hazard. They may be installed close to a wall since they offer minimal external heat, meaning they’re the perfect option if you have pets or kids.

Once you’ve filled the hopper and turned the stove on, the pellets get automatically fed into a flame which constantly burns until turned off. It is safe enough to leave the pellet stove burning while you are away, and it’ll continually burn unattended so long as there are pellets burning.

Most recent technology

pellet stove

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A big pellet stove appeal is an integration of modern technology. It’s possible to program the stove to turn on at various times or set a thermostat control, which may turn the stove off once a designated temperature is reached. It’s even possible to use your phone to start the stove on your way home in order for it to be warm and cozy when you enter the cottage.

Cleaner than wood stoves or fireplaces, warmer than electric space heaters, and safer than gas heaters, it isn’t any wonder that they are growing increasingly popular. This unique type of stove may be just what’s needed to supplement your whole-house system.

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