The Aesthetic Character of Using Microcement
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On March 2, 2022

The emergence of micro cement as a new turning point in the architecture, the new workhorse of effective modernism, brings a wide range of advantages for its use, application and maintenance. But in this case, we will try to avoid the practical and mathematical approach to the question and focus exclusively on the artistic paradigm of the material. Its main virtues indeed lie in its durability and resistance, but its design and the aesthetic variables of the product are often overlooked and are almost always defining.

Microcement is a product that has gained popularity in recent years, and which is used as a decorative coating for remodelling spaces, refurbishing them and changing their look completely. It is this skill that we are going to focus on to determine its effectiveness and functionality. They have begun to be used in modern architectural projects, such as in hotels or buildings, as well as in shops and businesses, with this output prevailing due to its excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Simplicity and Variability

Aesthetic Character of Using Micro cement


To begin to describe its design, it is necessary to mention mainly its simplicity. Its smooth continuity and the simplicity of the palette of colours can combine well with any type of wall and floor or furniture. Its fineness allows these other elements of an environment to gain strength and stand out more than with other materials.

In the background is the variability it offers. Another important quality is that it offers a range of possibilities. The finishes that stand out are usually elegant in whatever way they are applied. Whether rustic or chic, they will shine in any way. The range of colours in which it can be mounted allows even more possibilities to choose and apply. From basic to customised colours, but always with the boldness that the material exudes.

Aesthetic Character of Using Micro cement


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Likewise, no matter whether its identity is of an industrial finish, the simplicity of its application has ensured that it integrates naturally and organically into domestic spaces. This transportation of meaning is what has made it so popular and in such demand. This decision, whether by architects, contractors or simply the collective unconscious, has transformed this material into something serious, a symbol of modern architecture.

It went from being originally designed for outdoor use, to being linked to bathrooms, kitchens or SUMs. Clearly, because of the purpose for which it was created, when working outdoors it fulfils better expectations. That is when its true functionality is seen and the unique advantages of the product come to light. Its durability, resistance, breathable finish, fireproof character, and aseptic function, all contribute to making it the perfect element for your terrace, balcony or swimming pool. Nowadays it has started to be used a lot in bathrooms or stairs. The application here is more expensive because of the workmanship required. The coating tends to be more tricky and complicated in these particular cases. However, they are possible and effective.

Modernity and Minimalism

Aesthetic Character of Using Micro cement


The design character it adds to your surfaces is not insipid, despite what one might imagine when looking at the material separately before it is applied. The modern, minimalist, monochrome it adds to finishes is often underrated, but such subtlety is hard to come by these days, with the number of options, techniques, alternatives and treatments on offer across the table. The handmade, artisan-style application of micro cement achieves, in addition to all that has already been mentioned, an exclusive and personalised result.

Who doesn’t want to have a unique space for all their activities? If you want to restructure your facade in a modern, simple, clean and cheap way, you have found what you were looking for.

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