8 Best Types of Toilet Paper Holders
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On February 5, 2021

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for toilet paper, more and more toilet paper shelves are born. They are designed differently to meet the diverse needs of customers. You may be wondering whether to choose the best toilet paper holder. Understanding that, we propose 8 types of toilet paper shelves and their characteristics.

1. Toilet paper holders with shelves

Toilet Paper Holders

More and more people have the habit of bringing phones into the toilet, toilet paper holders with shelves increasingly popular. They are attached to a small horizontal shelf. You can put something light on it, for example, a small vase. Retrofitting this feature can take up a little extra space, but it provides a place for safe use. You don’t have to worry about your keys, cell phones, and other electronic devices falling in the toilet.

2. Single toilet paper holders

Toilet Paper Holders

You want a shelf to save space for toilet paper. Your toilet is not spacious enough, then this kind of frame is an excellent choice for you. The toilet paper holder has a straightforward design, and it can be said that the most simple of the other prices. You can install it yourself at home without anyone’s help. Since it can only hold a single roll of toilet paper, you must always actively replace the new role when the old one is about to run out. There is no problem for families with few people, but for families with many members or public toilets, it should not be used.

3. Double toilet paper holders

Toilet Paper Holders

Can hold 2 rolls of toilet paper on one shelf. This helps you pay less attention to changing new toilet paper rolls because there is always an extra roll of paper in the toilet. This type of rack is less commonly used in civil bathrooms but is widely installed in public restrooms. If you choose a double-roll toilet paper rack, your toilet must be large enough not to upset you with the toilet paper rack’s size.

4. Multiple toilet paper holders

Toilet Paper Holders

The price for toilet paper with many rolls is a variety of prices. Maybe the shelf is enormous, has many parallel axes, or has the form of a tree with many branches. It allows you to put a lot of paper on it. It is sporadic for homeowners to choose this type of shelf because it takes up too large space. It is entirely unsuitable for a toilet whose size is not very spacious. But if you have a large toilet, this is a great choice. It saves you from worrying about running out of toilet paper and not worrying about where to store unused scrolls. Especially for families with many members or in public places, little piece out problems often occur.

5. Toilet paper holders free standing

Toilet Paper Holders

If you have a large bathroom and the toilet bowl is not close to the wall, the toilet paper rack fixed to the wall is no longer suitable. Instead, a portable shelf will be a right solution for you. You can freely move them to wherever you want. However, it is placed under the floor to take up more floor space, and the toilet paper roll is more prone to getting wet than the wall shelf. Toilets that have narrow spreads and are frequently wet should not use this type.

6. Tank-Mounted toilet paper holders

This rack has a hook on the top that goes into the water tank on the back of the toilet. When installed on the water tank, it cannot fall out or move around. Barrel-mounted toilet paper racks ensure that toilet paper stays within your reach while taking up less toilet space. However, it is similar to the single- and double-roll toilet paper rack; it cannot accommodate more than two paper rolls.

7. Wall-Mounted toilet paper holders

Toilet Paper Holders

Probably the most prevalent toilet paper rack. They are easy to find, easy to install. They are increasingly improving in size, style, color, and material. As long as the toilet is close to the wall, your toilet paper can be easily reached. This rack should be installed at a suitable height of about 1 meter, and the position should be carefully calculated. Because you will not be able to change the position arbitrarily after installation.

8. Toilet paper holders with flap

Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper box with a front cover, usually made of plastic, stainless steel. The front lid is slightly curved, embracing the outside of the scroll. Not only do they help your toilet look tidy, but they also help protect the roll from getting wet and dirty. You will not worry too much about your child playing with the water and wet the scroll for families with small children.


With 8 types of toilet paper racks at The Architecture Designs , you can choose your toilet the most suitable one. Not only that, but people also integrate the prominent features of the shelf in the same product. Not only ideal for toilet space but also convenient for users. Meet the demanding requirements of customers.

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