13 Stunning Architecture Designs Bu Zaha Hadid
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On October 11, 2019

Bu Zaha Hadid (1915 – 2016) an Iraqi British architect has left her marks on the architectural landscape. The architecture designed by her graces the skyline of most of the metropolitan cities. The products such as furniture, jewelry, lighting shoes designed by her can be found gracing various homes all around the globe. She is one of the most famous female architects of her time and has received numerous prestigious awards during her career which includes the 2004 Pritzker Architecture Prize, Stirling Prize of 2010 and 2011, the 2014 Design Museum Design of the Year Award for Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, and a RIBA Gold Medal in 2015. Here we will discuss all her amazing architects.

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The design gives a whole new concept to the urban context… the complexity of the volumes, the curving walls, the variations and intersections of the levels determine a very prosperous spatial and functional configuration from where visitor passes through an unexpected route. Galleries are lighted with natural light through a special roof system. This piece of excellent architecture earned her the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling Prize. This was awarded to her for the best building constructed by a British architect in the past year.

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This was another one of the Zaha Hadid projects which she established successfully. The Evelyn Grace Academy located in Brixton, London offers educational diversity while it is also one of the most famous historical places in London. She also won a second Stirling Prize the next year for her beautiful design and the sleek structure she had designed for Evelyn Grace Academy which is a secondary school situated in London. 

Architecture Designs Bu Zaha Hadidsource: archdaily.com

It is one of the Zaha Hadid architect, located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at Stratford. It is a facilitated with two-meter Olympic sized pool and a 25-meter diving pool with boards and platforms up to 10 meters. It was the venue of the 2012 Olympics used for swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming events. The architecture of this mind-blowing architect is inspired by the fluid geometries of water in motion.

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Established in 2012, this pleated stainless steel architect. It is situated on the northern edge of the MSU campus. By facing the Grand River Avenue, it has become an ideal link between the campuses. This beautifully designed Zaha Hadid building faces different kinds of perception while reflecting them according to the weather condition, season and the time of the day. It somehow manipulates the lights while also incorporating their essence.

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This design of Zaha Hadid was inspired by the idea of a “magic box”, established in the year 2005. Located on a very special site in the City of Wolfsburg it is set both as the endpoint of a chain of important cultural buildings (by Aalto, Scharoun, and Schweger) as well as being a connecting link to the north bank of the Mittelland Kanal -Volkswagen’s Car Town. The artificial carter has been developed inside the open exhibition so that people can view it diagonally.

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The architect is found situated on the Bergisel Mountain, Innsbruck, Austria. The building is a combination of a tower along with a bridge that stands at a length of 90m and 50m height. It is divided into two areas. One vertical concrete tower and another spatial structure which is made up of steel. It also integrates a ramp and a cafe. Two elevators are made in order to bring up the visitor inside the cafe.

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This is wonderfully renovated and extended fire station, Zaha Hadid has designed extended glass volumes which sits on the roof of the new headquarter. This architect was first unveiled in the year, 2009. This port house was masterfully built in order to bring together under a single roof. The eye-catching design combines sustainability. The Port House has also achieved a BREEAM environmental rating of ‘Very Good’.

Amidst the many architectural Macau’s garish places it’s hard to stand up but even with this challenge on hand, Zaha Hadid was able to make her designed architecture stand up amongst all. The Morpheus hotel was called as a distinctive landmark even before it’s opening on the 15th of June. Pritzker prize award was one of the last awards she received before her death in the year, 2016. 

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Architecture Designs Bu Zaha Hadidsource: bayut.com

Architecture Designs Bu Zaha Hadidsource: architecturaldigest.com

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