7 Popular Types of Homes That Await in the Arizona Real Estate Market
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On January 2, 2023

You could be missing out on potential investments and opportunities if you do not learn the ins and outs of the Arizona real estate market. But with the ever-changing market, it can take a lot of work to keep up with the current trends and understand the types of homes you can find in Arizona.

This guide will walk you through popular types of homes in the Arizona Real Estate Market to help you make the best decisions when purchasing your dream home. Here are the 7 popular types of homes that await the Arizona real estate market.

Single-Family Homes

Arizona Real Estate Market

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Single-family homes are popular in the Arizona real estate market. They are great for those looking for privacy and a place to call home. With a single-family home, you won’t have to deal with noisy neighbors or shared walls. You’ll also have more yard space and a larger home. 

In addition, single-family homes are an excellent option for families. With more space and fewer neighbors, you’ll have the perfect place to raise your kids and create lasting memories. You’ll also enjoy a larger yard, perfect for gatherings and outdoor activities. 


Townhomes are two-story units attached to other units on one or both sides. They typically have at least one shared wall, which makes them more affordable than a single-family home. They also offer the convenience of having neighbors nearby and shared amenities like a pool and a community clubhouse. One of the main advantages of townhomes is that they often have lower HOA fees.


Arizona Real Estate Market

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If you’re looking for new homes in Tolleson AZ that offer the convenience of a city lifestyle, then condos may be the perfect pick. Condos provide the convenience of apartment living while also providing the advantages of home ownership. Many condos come with pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses, which can help make a living in the Arizona heat more bearable.

Luxury Homes

Luxury homes in Arizona offer a wide range of amenities and features. From swimming pools and tennis courts to home theaters and wine cellars, you’ll find all the amenities you could ever want in the Arizona real estate market. Many luxury homes also feature expansive views of the surrounding landscape, ensuring you can take in all the beauty of the Grand Canyon State.

Multi-Family Homes

Arizona Real Estate Market

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Multi-family homes come in various sizes and styles, from apartment buildings and duplexes to fourplexes. Multi-family homes can be a great way to generate income, as you can rent out each unit separately or combine them into one larger unit. This flexibility makes them attractive to investors looking to maximize their returns.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are a great way to enjoy the convenience of home ownership without the high cost of a traditional home. These homes can be found in Arizona’s real estate market in various styles and sizes, from single-wide to triple-wide and from simple to luxurious.

Vacation Homes

Arizona Real Estate Market

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Arizona is a great place to buy a vacation home because of its sunny climate and outdoor activities. From golfing on some of the world’s best courses to hiking in the Grand Canyon, there is something for everyone. The desert climate ensures that you’ll enjoy a pleasant and comfortable environment year-round, and the state’s proximity to Mexico also makes it an excellent spot for a getaway.


The real estate market in Arizona is full of possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a cozy condo, a spacious single-family home, or a mobile home, the Grand Canyon State offers affordable options for those who want to call it home. So, if you’re considering moving to Arizona, look at these popular types of homes and start your search today.

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