Things Buyers Look for When Buying a Home
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On November 12, 2021

It’s a dream of every individual to have a home of their own one day. The pandemic has caused prices and demand for homes to rise across the world. There are some exclusive features most homeowners wish to have, and the following are the 15 major ones that we have listed for you. 

Buying a Home


Ceiling Fan

As well as further developing a home’s ambiance, energy-efficient ceiling fans can likewise assist in achieving lower cooling costs compared to air conditioners.

Ceiling fans make a breeze chill impact that helps cool down individuals sitting in the room. Around 83% of homeowners require ceiling fans in their homes.

Dining Room

As of late, formal dining rooms are hardly a priority concerning open floor concepts in the present home models. While these designs help amplify space, there are plenty of homebuyers who want the appeal that comes with more traditional homes. This incorporates a different dining region from the kitchen and is in demand by 70% of buyers. 

Dual Sink Kitchens

Buying a Home


During the pandemic, homeowners have to cook more which accumulates the number of dishes due to which sinks are being used more often. A dual side-by-side sink —split down the middle or 60/40- gives you more choices for getting sorted out the work with, say, one side to conceal grimy dishes until they depart to the dishwasher and one more side for preparing food, using the waste disposal or drying things you’ve washed. Nearly 81% of homeowners require this.

Eat-in Kitchen

With 78% of buyers demanding it, eat-in kitchens are usually suitable for families with kids in the household. It’s a space for eating, yet, additionally for doing schoolwork, art, and the sky is the limit from there. Such adaptable are proving crucial during the pandemic.

Energy Efficiencies (Appliances and Windows)

Potential purchasers hoping to decrease monthly bills are attracted to properties with windows and appliances which are energy-efficient. Energy-efficient windows can manage warming and cooling costs by 12%, while individual appliances help reduce energy and water bills. This feature is preferred by 81-83% of buyers.

Energy-Efficient Lightning

Buying a Home


LED light bulbs that are energy-efficient guarantee essentially 75% less energy cost and last 25 times longer than antiquated, traditional bulbs. Since they cast light in one direction, LED bulbs are incredible for focused down lighting or task lighting, and considering the fact they produce no heat, they function admirably in the kitchen, which is warmer than the rest of the house. Around 80% of buyers require this.

Exterior Lighting

A well-manicured garden with exceptional exterior lighting can assist in grabbing the eyes of potential buyers before they even set foot inside the house. Exterior lighting is the most-needed open-air feature, with 87% of buyers wanting it in their home.

Front Porch

A front porch gives a spot amongst your curb and front entryway where you can unwind, gaze at the scenery, or spend quality outdoor time with family and neighbors, socially removed. Since it’s covered, it’s an augmentation of your living space. It shields you from any potential downpour, and in case it’s separated, you can stay away from bugs, as well. Around 81% of homeowners require a front porch.

Full Bath on the main level

A full bath contains a sink, latrine, and tub, and shower. Families like the one on the main floor are on the basis that adults can manage their kid’s bath sessions while doing other tasks such as tidying up the kitchen. This feature is preferred by 80% of buyers and is often present in most luxury real estate.

Garage Storage Space

Buying a Home


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Purchasers with growing families need loads of extra room for storage. So it is increasingly profitable for potential sellers to include some extra space in the garage for things to be stored.

Hardwood Floor in the living area

Hardwood flooring offers a charismatic look, is less allergic, and is more straightforward to maintain, unlike carpets which are comparably less durable. It is easily refurbished and lasts for over a lifetime. Around 81% of buyers require hardwood flooring in their living area.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is the most in-demand feature by the homeowner, with almost 87% requiring it. A laundry room help owners have a space to store clean and dirty clothes. It also helps store other things lying around the house.


Buying a Home


Recently there has been an increase in the demand for outdoor home features such as Patio; coming in at 82%. The patio gives homeowners a space to spend time with their families and interact with each other. It also serves as a useful space during the pandemic when your garden was the only outdoor place you were allowed to visit.

Walk-In Closet

A Walk-in closet is not the most in-demand feature, but it proves to be ideal for large families. The walk-in closet is usually a feature provided only with the master bedroom. It helps you organize your clothes better, unlike a cupboard in your room, which takes up most of the space.

Walk-In Pantry

These are usually situated next to or inside the kitchen and are demanded by approximately 81% of homeowners. It’s especially helpful for people who like purchasing in bulk to save money, so they require extra storage to store groceries. 

We bet you this list can come in handy for both home buyers and sellers in deciding what features to look for and offer when buying or selling a house. Nevertheless, it is always wise to let your real estate agent know about the features you are looking for so that they can help you find your dream home.

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