How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase
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On December 9, 2021

Flowers make a lovely addition to almost any room. They can not only improve how the space looks or add some much-needed color, but can also give off a very pleasant (yet subtle) scent. Having some flower arrangements on the shelf, on the mantle, or even on the table can really take a room or home to the next level.

There are many classic arrangements to choose from, but you can also create your own from scratch. But how can you best arrange some flowers in a vase in a way that looks like it was done by a seasoned professional?

Without any further ado, let’s go over some tips on The Architecture Designs for how to arrange your favorite flowers in a vase to make sure they will look spectacular in your home.

Decide on the Flowers to Include

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The first step to making a flower arrangement in a vase is to decide on which flowers to include. There are thousands of different flowers out there, many of which can work incredibly well in a bouquet. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and even scents.

Choose based on your preferences, the colors you like, or even how you would like a particular room to smell. While you can go with multiple blooms of the same flower in your vase arrangement, you can also mix and match for a more unique and exciting look.

Whatever you choose, make sure they fit well with your existing decor, both in terms of color, shape and size. Of course, make sure that the flowers are pet-friendly, if you have a cat or dog in the home. Also, if you or anyone else in the home suffers from allergies, be careful to avoid certain flowers that may be irritating to those who have allergies.

Choose the Right Vase

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The vase you choose for your flowers can often be as important as the flowers themselves. You can go with a simple glass vase, but there are several additional options to consider. This could include a bottle, a watering can, a mason jar, a pot, or anything else you see fit. Be sure to try out a couple to see what looks best with your chosen flowers. Of course, make sure the vase or container you choose can have water in it without being damaged or leaking the water at all.

In addition to looking good with the flowers you chose, the vase should also fit nicely in the room where you want your arrangement to be displayed. The size of the vase itself should also be considered. If a vase is too big, the flowers won’t have any form, and too small, and the flowers will be squished and likely won’t last nearly as long.

Trim and Prepare the Flowers

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Before putting your flowers in the vase, it is important that you give the end of their stems a little bit of a trim. That is where flowers will absorb the water that they need to nourish them and keep them alive. When a flower is out of water for a while, air gets absorbed into the stem and can block subsequent water from being able to enter as easily. As you could imagine, less water being absorbed means less healthy flowers.

By cutting the stem, you are allowing the flower to absorb as much water as possible. You generally only need to cut around half an inch off, so it won’t dramatically impact the size of the flower in the vase. Some florists may pre-cut flowers, but it is still good practice to do it yourself to ensure they can last as long as possible before beginning to wilt, die, and look bad.

Get the Water and Flower Food in the Vase

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Next, you need to prepare the vase to be ready for your flowers. This involves a couple of steps. First, you want to clean the vase and ensure there is no dust or other debris in the vase that could negatively impact the flowers.

Once the vase is clean, you can fill it with some clean water. The water should generally be cool or cold, as hot or warm water could actually end up cooking the flowers. Also, you may want to consider adding some flower food into the water, too.

This essentially helps flowers to not only get more nourishment, but also stay healthier as this food can help them fight off bacteria. Most flower food consists of three ingredients, which are an acid, something to kill bacteria, and sugars for nourishment.

While there are options to buy some, you can also make your own flower food if you prefer. Once this is all done, you are free to put the flowers into the water, and they are all ready to be put on display.

Choose the Right Place to Put the Vase

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Once everything is all in the vase, you need to decide where to put the flowers. Popular choices are on a table, a mantle, up on a shelf or on the counter, but feel free to choose wherever you think will look best. Be sure to consider the colors of the space, and the other types of decor you have there.

But in addition to choosing based on looks, you also need to think about the health of the flowers. Flowers don’t often do well with heat, and much prefer to be in a spot that is a little cooler, with indirect light. As a result, keep them away from not only the sun, but also vents and registers where some heat will come out of. Also, some fruits and veggies can give off gases that can speed up the deterioration of flowers, so avoid putting flowers right up against a bowl of fruit on the counter.

In conclusion, this guide will ensure that the flowers you arrange and put together in a vase look absolutely incredible.

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