Avoid Spreading Infection in Your Kitchen
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On June 12, 2020

Before making any type of food in your kitchen you are supposed to wash your hands completely so that contamination of harmful bacteria can be stopped. Bacteria are lethal by nature and can cause serious illness if contaminated in your food.  

What are the sources of contamination?

Kitchen cleaning

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The most common source of contamination of bacteria and virus is hand to hand contact. They can cause flu, common cold, food born illness, etc. Raw meat, fish, etc. carry harmful bacteria and one of the most serious is E-Coli, which is found in undercooked hamburgers. The disease is very common in children by these harmful bacteria and can cause serious illness. There are bacteria like Shigella, which can cause diseases like hemolytic uremic syndrome, and children are more prone to this disease.

There are some of the bacteria which are directly harmful to pregnant women and they can be affected by these bacteria at once they came in contact. The meats consumed may be contaminated with toxoplasmosis. There is seafood that can be contaminated with bacteria and can cause diarrhea. Unpasteurized cheese and meat are also dangerous in terms of bacterial attack. The bacteria present in these food products may lead to a miscarriage of the baby who is getting nourishment in the womb of his mother. fruits and vegetables can be also contaminated with bacteria, so you need to be very sure before consuming fruits and vegetables.

Gadgets and cabinets prone to contamination in the kitchen 

Kitchen cleaning

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There are some of the gadgets in the kitchen which are very much prone to contamination and they can be infected by anyone like people, pets, food, fruits, etc. You have to understand that you are the main reason for spreading the disease in your kitchen as you don’t wash your hands before cooking food in your kitchen. After touching food materials bought by you, you forget to wash your hand and this results in serious illness of your family members.

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Here are some of the gadgets from the kitchen which are prone to contamination:

  • Can openers
  • Blenders, processors, and eggbeaters
  • Cutting boards
  • Countertops getting infected by putting grocery bags on it often.
  • Towels, scrubbers, sponges
  • Refrigerator
  • Garbage box
  • Sink drain

Difference between cleaning and disinfecting

Kitchen cleaning

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People think that their kitchen is clean, but it is full of contaminated things. The clean kitchen doesn’t mean that it is really clean. In cleaning, we clean the dirt and grease formed inside the kitchen whereas in disinfecting the kitchen, we kill bacteria inside the kitchen. You can purchase disinfectants and sanitizers available in the market in the form of liquids and sprays. You can also make disinfectant in your house and it will be sufficient to kill a large number of bacteria scattered inside your house. First, clean the kitchen and then disinfect it gradually.

Finally, after disinfection, you can dry the kitchen utensils and dishes for the sake of sanitation. Here are some of the processes of drying the dishes and wares of the kitchen.

  • With a dishtowel
  • Using paper towel
  • By air
  • Drying in the dishwater

How to clean your hands and disinfect the kitchen gadgets and cabinets?

Kitchen cleaning

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You should wash your hands regularly. You are supposed to wash your hands after coming from the bathroom, touching pets, touching a sick person, and almost twice a day for remaining safe and sound. Wash your hands with soap and rub the surface of the hand clearly for deep cleaning of hands.

Stay safe from these kitchen gadgets

Here are some of the kitchen gadgets which you need to be safe and sound. They are:

  • After using can openers, clean your hands thoroughly.
  • After using a cutting board for cutting meat or vegetable, clean your hands.
  • Countertops, dishrags, towels, and sponges.
  • Garbage boxes
  • Refrigerator and other complex appliances that you use often.

These are some of the kitchen gadgets which you are supposed to use but after using, you must clean your hands at The Architecture Designs.

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