The Benefits of Creating a Vision Board
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On November 10, 2021

Making a vision board is a great way to bring your goals and dreams to life. These creative projects are fantastic for setting up your long-term objectives and even keeping track of your large-scale tasks. Contrary to what you might think, creating a vision board isn’t just an activity for children. If you build a vision board with your goals in mind, you might be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Felt wall panels or poster board is a great place to start for creating a beautiful vision board that sets an intention for your future. 

Materials for Your Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board


Luckily, there aren’t any rules about what should or shouldn’t include in a vision board. You should always choose what feels right for you and what best represents your vision. But if you’re feeling a bit short on ideas, here are a few starter components that will help you generate a few creative ideas for your vision board. 

Magazines are the most popular choice for gathering images for your vision board, simply because they are inexpensive and are normally easy to access. They are easy to cut and assemble and often carry vibrant colors over to your vision board. When creating a vision board, start here. However, magazines are becoming increasingly uncommon to have around the house. As an alternative, you might want to consider using old books you’re ready to get rid of, or perhaps a few computer image printouts, so long as you have a color printer. 

If you’re making a vision board with a poster board, you’ll need clear tape or glue to get started. However, using tape and glue makes your vision board a fixed creation. For this reason, the best way to create a high-quality vision board is with felt panels or tiles. Felt panels operate like a pinboard, so you’ll be able to move around your vision board’s images without an issue. It makes this space adaptive and transformable. You’ll also be able to transform the vision board whenever your goals and objectives change. 

What Are the Benefits of a Vision Board?

Creating a Vision Board


A vision board isn’t just about creating an artistic display for your wall. There are several practical benefits of a vision board that can boost both your productivity and motivation. However, creating a vision board is first and foremost a fun creative activity, which means there aren’t any rules about how you use this space. There are plenty of opportunities for thinking outside the box and making something that specifically matches up with your personality. 

Analyze Your Motivation

What keeps you moving through your day and what inspires you to be the best version of yourself as often as possible? What gives you energy, and conversely, what are aspects of your larger routine that are draining on that energy? Thinking about what motivates you is an important preliminary step towards making a vision board that represents you and who you aspire to be in the future. Make sure to select a color palette that matches these intentions.

Set and Track Goals

Creating a Vision Board


Vision boards allow creative thinkers to make a visual representation of their goals, hopes, and dreams. These can be as long or as short-term as you want- there are no rules. Images of people and places that drive you to success are great supporting features for this space and can inspire you to complete these goals. While vision boards work best for long-term goals, you can still use this space to keep track of individual tasks that lead up to this larger goal, then change aspects of the board as you move closer towards successfully completing these goals. 

Stay Determined

Once you have your vision board fully set up, you can continuously refer back to remind yourself of what drives you. For this reason, you should consider hanging your vision on the wall near your home workspace if able. If you feel like your motivation is slipping, you can always go back to your vision board to boost your focus and productivity while finding your personal path to success. 

Tips for Creating an Outstanding Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board


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To take your vision board from good to great, pay close attention to the color of the board, the materials you’re working with, and the organization of your images. Here are a few additional tips that can help you upgrade your vision board. 

Divide Your Vision Board Into Sections

Chances are, your goals range in subject matter, intensity, and subject. To keep your vision board neat and well-organized, you might want to consider keeping these goals and dreams together in groupings on the board. For example, you might have a section for career goals or other ideas you have related to your job or the work you’d like to be doing. Another section might include family goals, or perhaps simply the things you’d like to accomplish together. One of the more popular groupings for vision board goals is related to travel because it’s easy to find and add photos. 

Don’t Forget to Leave Space

Creating a Vision Board


The best vision boards have room to transform and change as your intentions shift over time. Chances are, you are changing your life goals and objectives at a faster speed than you’re conscious of most of the time. It’s only when you look back that you can easily see how quickly you are changing. 

A vision board that helps you keep track of your changes and progress slowly, rather than all at once, is a valuable tool. To do this, you’ll need to leave space on your vision board. For this reason, a felt or pinboard as the base for your visualization space is particularly useful. If you’ve glued down all of the vision board’s images, it can be challenging to accommodate the changes that are happening in your life. 

Conclusion- The Benefits of Creating a Vision Board

Visions boards are a creative and fun project that sets an intention for the future by forming a visual representation of your goals. It’s an excellent opportunity to think about these goals and how you want to achieve them. You’ll likely find that creating a vision board boosts your productivity and determination to make them come true.